Longshot – One Small Voice EP

One Small Voice EP

There are some people in everyone’s life who leave a lasting impression that lasts after even just a short meeting. I feel very strongly in assuming that this disc does this band very little justice – not due to the fact that it is a short six-song EP but because the members of this band make it everything that it is, a fact more obvious in their live show. That said, this CD is amazing in every aspect, stirring memories of close drunken friends and hardships. With the shoving of lyrical honesty and aggression Hot Water Music is often guilty of, the drumming of Marnie (ex-Pinehurst Kids and arguably the best female drummer of our time) and melodies to leave catching phrases ever lasting, Longshot comes alive.
It’s hard to walk away from a personal and in-your-face reach out, push, shove, and struggle ethic such as this. Longshot singer Nathaneal (formerly of the band The Drapes) sings “Don’t hold me, so tightly, I might find my way to slip out” in complete fear and sadness while remaining strong. You get every bit of the feeling that this person is hurting but strong, positive but straining, holding on but losing grip and incredibly fearful but still standing. Creative fills, emotionally layered guitar rhythms, and clever song structure provide passion to back up such heavy lyrics. Sure it is frustrating and sometimes even physically draining when you play it loud enough, but when this EP is through spinning, you’ve worked some shit out. Besides, I must add, anyone else who hears the CD alongside you is going to remember the songs as well, and in no time you’ll be saying “I made my bed I can not lie” while your friend is sure to provide the follow up “I can’t get drunk, off your wine.” Maybe it sounds silly, but I found myself doing so after their first show. I didn’t even own the CD or lyric sheet yet.
The best way I can describe Longshot is to ask that you think of your cherished moments and maybe the ones that you hold so dear that they make you sad in a way, and maybe you will touch what Longshot does to me. It’s not hard-hitting or harsh hardcore, but it isn’t an easy-going listen either. It could be if not listened to intensely, but still, as said best by the band members themselves in track two, “I wear my heart around my throat, I can’t help but choke.” You just can’t take a Longshot song in and walk away. You cherish it, and you feel its pain, and then you beg to mend it. It proves that love is stronger than anger and deeper then wounds and revitalizes your hope for your friends and your troubles and desperation’s.
Most recommended are tracks “Inside Out” and “Let Go.” A track is downloadable at the band’s website, so of course you can see for yourself. I think the label for the band is correct in saying that fans of Jawbreaker, Leatherface, and Hot Water Music will eat this up. It is clearly for the more intense and intelligent listener. The band is also actively playing shows about the west coast and possibly the full U.S. at the end of the summer. I wouldn’t miss a release coming from this band let alone a live performance opportunity.