Fighting Jacks – Demo

I grow depressed while listening to this group’s five-song demo CD. These kids put a lot into their music, and it’s obvious they’re very serious about what they do, and thus must have some not insignificant degree of belief in their own abilities and importance. Those traits are, admittedly, generally admirable. So why, in the end, do I not give a shit?
The Fighting Jacks is a band that, for most intents and purposes, has its stuff together. Unfortunately, and this is what depresses me, that stuff is completely uninteresting and uninspiring. The playing is proficient, the riffs are more or less acceptable, and the passion seems to be genuine, but the overall impact that all this makes on me remains completely negligible.
Here we have five more corporate, commercial, major label modern rock songs that fail to forge any lasting impression whatsoever. Mix up unmemorable and pretentious hack lyrics with generic mid-to-late ’90’s alt-rock, toss in some goatees, piercings, and surly stares, and hope to the Heavens above that you bag a record deal soon so you can avoid the real world for a few more years and you, too, could be in a group like the Fighting Jacks. Also drop some mid-grade names in your press release (oooh, they’ve played with Papa Roach and P. O. D.!) and just generally act like you’re far more significant than you are. Then you’ll receive the privilege of having some know-nothing schmuck write condescending reviews of your product online.
The formula is quick and simple, and that is what depresses me the most, that, despite how much effort and hard work the Fighting Jacks must have put into the construction of this music, they still thoughtlessly took the easy way out by deciding to sound like the sort of generic rock you hear in teenage-oriented television shows that can’t afford to license actual popular music. The next time you hear the Fighting Jacks they’ll probably be playing at the Bronze in the background of a future episode of Buffy.