Dipstick & Eggnog – The Slogo Training Disc – Part 1

Dipstick & Eggnog
The Slogo Training Disc – Part 1

Dipstick & Eggnog: full-assed fucking around, or half-assed Genius?
But I have gotten ahead of myself; let’s start at the beginning.
Slogo is the third member of Brooklyn-based Dipstick & Eggnog. Slogo is also dead. Like, completely dead. So whenever Dipstick & Eggnog play live shows (which apparently happen very rarely), any random third person fills in for Slogo. But then something magical happens! The departed spirit of the original Slogo inhabits the bodies of his replacements (who are always temporary), and so, in a way, Slogo lives again. Alright!
This brief little disc (only eight songs, but it’s free, so no point in complaining) is sort of an instructional tool for prospective Slogos. Interested parties can listen to this and learn the D & E catalogue and then, whenever these two miscreants straggle into your town, you too can hold the honor of sitting in with and playing along with bona fide rock stars! Yes. I think they prefer their Slogos to play bass or keys, which is odd, since the original Slogo was infamous for his shit-hot talent on the cembalum. But who knows.
Musically this is exactly the sort of stuff that the current American pop climate, paralyzed with image overconsciousness, toothless pop nonsense, and crass barbarous barbariciousness, needs. Eight songs of sloppy, noisy, four-tracked rock songs that are almost always about a millisecond away from completely imploding. It’s like early Pavement with more melody and no pretension, or the Swell Maps with less rocking and more humorously suggestive hip swiveling.
It’s damn sharp stuff, definitely worth the effort since it’s free, and even if it weren’t, it’d still be worth buying. You can get more info at info@bumblebear.com, or go to the Bumblebear Records webpage. Yep. Alright!