Audio Explorations – Action Reaction

Audio Explorations
Action Reaction

Sometimes you can tell right off with the first few seconds that something is right up your alley. Audio Explorations’ new LP Action Reaction did that for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to see this band live before and enjoyed that experience as well. Something about them is very ambient, and I like that. Their music at times can even remind me of The Cranes or The Cure despite the fact that it is all the work of two guys. They have been described “textured and ampospheric,” which I agree with. They sometimes throw in weird aspects such as odd lyrics or electronic noises I don’t care for, but over all Audio Explorations have a great sound.

The CD includes an .mpg movie of the band in the studio during the recording process. It also views them answering interview questions regarding the album, which is pretty cool. Somehow it makes the whole thing look very professional and serves as entertaining even if you were not familiar with the band at all beforehand. They do quite a bit of instrumentation and use different effects along with keyboard, guitar, and repetitive drum beats. You do feel like you’re stuck in a time travel machine or space craft sometimes, but it is sort of motivational. Audio Exploration is capable of creating many different sounds, and that is what I like about them. They have ups and downs and keep it all within their lo-fi character.

Because Audio Explorations create such a mood they are a sound of the time. I usually listen to them while working, reading, or doing homework but not often while paying particular attention. It is a zone that you don’t always want to be in and not for everyone but fitting to several settings. I wouldn’t imagine driving with Action Reaction in the player for fear of losing concentration or zoning out. In that aspect I guess you can derive the downside of the band. You can tell from watching the video that the James Tritten and Steven Haley are nice guys. They use soft vocals in different effects and different guitar effects as well. Sometimes the repetitiveness of the guitar strumming or louder sounding instruments can start to chase your ear. My father even walked in and said it seemed the band was doing a lot of things they used to do a long time ago in music. I guess everyone can be found guilty of that.