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Clist – In Care of Lena

ClistIn Care of LenaFrom their subtly dirty name to the unsettling illustration of a group of people clubbing seals on their web-page (or hell, just the fact that they are from Nashville), Clist seems intent on making listeners slightly uncomfortable. Overdriven 4-track recordings, distorted signals, and brutal feedback are all part of Robbin's … [Read more...]

No-Fly Zone – Fear of Pain

No-Fly ZoneFear of PainNFZ keep track of how many times they have been compared (in print) to a particular band, which seems to be designed to make us critics self-conscious. Well, call it a lazy move on my part, but their influences are impossible to ignore. Their spacious recording techniques - where silence itself is a sound - brings to mind a … [Read more...]

Ben Kweller – Sha Sha

Ben KwellerSha ShaNot many artists have scored a major record deal, toured the world, had a top 40 single in the UK, watched their band dissolve, and finally made a solo comeback all by the age of 20. Perhaps this unique experience is what gives Ben Kweller's first album on ATO Records a level of maturity and introspection that is rarely retained … [Read more...]

Tommy Guerrero – Junk Collector EP

Tommy GuerreroJunk Collector EPPost-rock isn't really my thing. This trend in music is actually rather depressing. The genre name can't help but remind me of the post-punk genre, which I strongly favor. But funk is my thing. A lot of the post-punk that I love is just as much funk as anything else. And Junk has got plenty of funk. Junk Collector … [Read more...]

Valender – The Giant Slingshot

ValenderThe Giant SlingshotSome of my favorite indie-rock albums sound like they were recorded on a Dictaphone: Pavement's Crooked Rain Crooked Rain, Built to Spill's There's Nothing Wrong With Love, Death Cab's Something About Airplanes, Dismemberment Plan's !, Pixies' Doolittle, among many others. Admittedly, the quality on those records are … [Read more...]

Starlet – When Sun Falls on My Feet

StarletWhen Sun Falls on My FeetOne thing I can say about those Swedes is that they have an innate sense of pop songcraft. No matter whether they make disco, rock, or electronic music, they could find a good melody in a soundproof room. The unhappy tunesmith's of Starlet may not sound much like their more mainstream, sunnier compatriots, but … [Read more...]

Ultimate Fakebook – Open Up and Say Awesome

Ultimate FakebookOpen Up and Say Awesome So they've had their shot at the major labels, and now they're back. The three boys of Ultimate Fakebook scored a touring van out of their deal with Epic, the label that released the excellent This Will Be Laughing Week, and now they're setting up camp at Initial Records with their latest, Open Up and Say … [Read more...]

Rye Coalition – On Top

Rye CoalitionOn Top Rye Coalition, those New Jersey princes of super-rock, are back with a new release, and it couldn't have been better timed. I could be wrong about this, but I believe this is a very important release for 2002. Rye Coalition not only have their finger on the pulse of a modern sound, but they've reached way back in rock history to … [Read more...]

Paul Westerberg – Stereo/Mono

Paul WesterbergStereo/MonoWith this new record, Paul Westerberg delivers two very different discs. One disc is of singer/songwriter tunes similar to his previous solo work, while the other from his side project, Grandpaboy, is of Replacements-like rock. Westerberg shows that he is equally adept at both styles through these discs. Those that have … [Read more...]

Red – Songs From a Room

RedSongs From a RoomIt's a well-known fact that musician-types aren't really like you and me. Many of them are irrational, illogical, irresponsible, and idiosyncratic individuals. And usually what makes their art powerful is their singular ability to block out every distraction around them and pour themselves into their art completely, creating … [Read more...]