The All Golden – A Long Good Friday

The All Golden
A Long Good Friday

Welcome to the magical mystery tour that is The All Golden and their debut full-length A Long Good Friday. Chock full of vintage sounds and timeless song-craft, this Kent, Ohio conglomerate crank up lava lamps and amps to create a semi-psychedelic palate of indie-rock. The songwriting duo of Scott Bennett and Chris Sheehan seem similarly guided by regional voices that beg for the one perfect pop song that may not have been written some 30 years ago, but should have been. By way of ancient organs and electric pianos, The All Golden compliment classic, guitar-driven rock throughout A Long Good Friday: an ignis fatuus release fed by the buried corpses of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and even The Who.

With its climbing Moog riff and melodically vocalized chorus, the song “Bright” displays a Robert Pollard-like observance of fundamental rock song structures that grab and hold the listener. Some of this may have to do with other Ohio indie-pop guy Kevin Coral taking time from The Witch Hazel Sound to help record and produce A Long Good Friday. Some of it may also have to do with the fact that The All Golden have exclusive access to their own Waterloo Sound Recording Studio where Guided By Voices spent some time recently recording follow-up material to their Isolation Drills. In fact, you’d have to tell me twice that it’s not old Bob himself singing on behalf of The All Golden in the song “More or Less,” although his name is listed nowhere in the liner notes. A lengthy song of loose acoustic guitar, keyboard, and layered, open-space vocals, “More or Less” sounds easily enough like one of the better, touching songs from the fading captain’s suitcase, but here it is The All Golden.

It’s possible that The All Golden could have all types of Elephant 6 references tossed their way because of a noticeable phantasmal pop element. With an upbeat tempo, organs, jingling tambourine, guitars, and an ever present sense of something nostalgic, songs like “Smoking’s the Last Sin” or “Tom Collins (Genius Isn’t a Mixed Drink)” have all the offerings that fans sought from indie-rock’s more recent musical commune. But now, I’m starting to understand that there is indeed some sort of definite, rock time warp capturing many in Ohio.