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Various Artists – Quarters, Vol. 2 7"

Various ArtistsQuarters, Vol. 2 7"Compilation 7" records are a bit odd. Either you're going to get one band you've heard of and a bunch of tiny other bands, or you're going to just wish it was on CD so you could listen to it all the time. This one definitely falls into the latter category. Here, Atarms Mechanics brings together four midwest … [Read more...]

Tristeza – Mixed Signals

TristezaMixed SignalsRemixes are often a mixed (if you'll excuse the expression) bag. On the one hand, you've got to figure the original should be good enough to stand on its own, and if it could be improved, no one but the original band should do it. On the other hand, you've got all these electronic artists with tons of machinery at their … [Read more...]

Kaospilot – Split 7"

KaospilotSplit 7"I've read a lot about Neil Perry over the years and their blend of ultra-heavy screamo, but I've never heard them before. Here, they're joined with Kaospilot from Norway, who could be their sister band. These two bands show their penchant for heavy, chaotic songs, and with Neil Perry contributing three songs to one side of a … [Read more...]

Geoff Farina – Blobscape

Geoff FarinaBlobscapeGeoff Farina is a busy man. In addition to the albums he's released with the bands Karate and Secret Stars, he also is accumulating a respectable solo catalogue. Interestingly enough, as all of those bands evolve, one element stands out: that of Farina's jazzy, experimental guitar playing. It's clear in each of those projects … [Read more...]

Engine Down – Demure

Engine DownDemureI am a big fan of Engine Down, and once I got used to the fact that the band wanted to change directions with their last album, Under the Pretense of the Present Tense, shifting from a more shouted, hardcore style to a more melodic form, I came to appreciate that album for the stellar work of rock that it was. Demure doesn't quite … [Read more...]

Various Artists – From Brooklyn with Love

Various ArtistsFrom Brooklyn with LoveWell, first off, let me say that after reading up on this compilation, I was pretty much sold on it before I'd even put it into the CD player. Seeing as Dying Wish Records is based in Brooklyn, label staff and local bands were directly affected by the events of September 11, 2001. Within two weeks, Dying Wish … [Read more...]

Bryan Berg – The Therapy Sessions

Bryan BergThe Therapy Sessions Bryan Berg's The Therapy Sessions suffers from one of the strangest maladies that music has to offer. Berg's songwriting is perfectly acceptable, his lyrics tell socially conscious stories, and the musicianship that multi-instrumentalist Berg and guitarist John Summers showcase is certainly more than adequate. So … [Read more...]

Bottled Og – Portland – The Blackbird, OR – 2002-03-23

Bottled OgWhere: Portland - The Blackbird, OR.When: 2002-03-23Oakland's Bottled Ogopened up with a heavy but mildly pretentious set. Their third CD is set to come out sometime soon, which will be their second release after losing a member and having changed their name from Bottledog. Sounding like a less sluggish Slug, they were very bottom-heavy … [Read more...]

The Dismemberment Plan – Wayne – MichiganFest 2002 – Wayne Manor, MI – 2002-03-22

The Dismemberment PlanWhere: Wayne - MichiganFest 2002 - Wayne Manor, MI.When: 2002-03-22My mission, if I chose to accept it, was to revive myself from a long, tedious, boring day of work and survive over six hours on my feet at the opening day of MichiganFest 2002. If I managed to make it through this ordeal, my reward would be Death and … [Read more...]

Chris Lindsay Romance – Drunk

Chris Lindsay RomanceDrunkGremio - Bianca's suitor in Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew - speaks of his desire to "woo her, wed her, and bed her." Such is the quest for many a young songwriter, not to mention the legions of listeners who depend on everyone from Elliot Smith to Barry White as an aural Spanish Fly. Chris Lindsay has his own special … [Read more...]