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Joseph Zitt – Nightscape for Irene

Joseph ZittNightscape for IreneAfter a listening to a lot of overdriven punk rock and what not, it is cleansing in a way to listen to performances of vocal music. No matter how complex the compositions become, or how jarring the performance, there is a purity to the human voice that encourages intent listening and reflection. This is why a 15th … [Read more...]

Pro-Pound – Mission Complete

Pro-PoundMission CompleteThe disparity between quality indie rock and mainstream "modern rock/alternative" is well documented and discussed ad nauseum. It should come as no surprise then that such a disparity exists between MTV's version of hip-hop and what comes bubbling up from the underground (with a few exceptions of course: the Roots, Outkast, … [Read more...]

Jason Walker – Stranger to Someone

Jason WalkerStranger to SomeoneWhen Ryan Adams released his second solo album last year, many, including myself, were puzzled by his decision to take on 70s rock instead of further mining the hybrid zones inhabited by ghosts of Dylan and Richards, as he'd done on 2000's Heartbreaker. Maybe we should have looked around a little more, for if we had, … [Read more...]

Hefner – Dead Media

HefnerDead Media Ok, so here are the basics. Hefner are Brits, they like irony, they dig the Talking Heads, and they are completely obsessed with analog synthesizers. With this behind us, we can then attempt to explore Dead Media, a surprisingly confusing record. See, this band obviously has talent. Tons of talent, actually, but unlike the … [Read more...]

Inner – Lovetheonlyway

InnerLovetheonlywaySome of the most brilliant works are created by control-freaks. There's Siamese Dream- Smashing Pumpkins' rock opus created by the hair-impaired Billy Corgan; Radiohead's Kid A, which was dominated by Thom Yorke; and there was Jimi Hendrix' Electric Ladyland, among many others. All of them are great albums, and although Inner's … [Read more...]

Filmmaker – Break This Fall

FilmmakerBreak This Fall When one thinks of the word "filmmaker," there are certain names that flood into focus - Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Orson Welles. Obviously, the filmmakers that are conjured up first are the cream of the crop, legends even. Keeping in mind the thousands of others with the same job title, one then continues down the … [Read more...]

Kick in the Eye – Rock and Roll Needs a Kick in the Eye

Kick in the EyeRock and Roll Needs a Kick in the Eye Is there really any place for good ol' rock and roll anymore? I suppose that question has been raised so many times in the past 25 years that its mere repetition here probably seems somewhat redundant, but I'll admit that I was becoming one who had finally given up on the old girl. Radiohead was … [Read more...]

The All Golden – A Long Good Friday

The All GoldenA Long Good FridayWelcome to the magical mystery tour that is The All Golden and their debut full-length A Long Good Friday. Chock full of vintage sounds and timeless song-craft, this Kent, Ohio conglomerate crank up lava lamps and amps to create a semi-psychedelic palate of indie-rock. The songwriting duo of Scott Bennett and Chris … [Read more...]

Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

WilcoYankee Hotel FoxtrotOne of the best albums of 2001 is finally getting released almost a year after it was completed. It's well worth the wait. Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot emerges after an amicable split between the band and its label Reprise. When asked by Reprise to make changes, Wilco declined. Instead, the band not only got out of its … [Read more...]

Knotworking – Notes Left Out

KnotworkingNotes Left OutKnotworking's Edward Gorch has a few moments of really fine singer-songwriter moves on Notes Left Out. Even when a song sinks under its own lofty aspirations, he gets off at least a few thoughtful lines that engage you. The over-stated country twang becomes oppressive by the disc's end and may alienate listeners tired of … [Read more...]