Archives for February 2002

The Dirty Americans – Ferndale – The Magic Bag, MI – 2002-02-15

The Dirty AmericansWhere: Ferndale - The Magic Bag, MI.When: 2002-02-15Well, having learned our lesson after the great Brandtson-show-doors incident, my companion (Dad) and I arrived a bit later than the supposed door time for this show, figuring that not getting a seat was much better than freezing ourselves into another set of nasty colds. Of … [Read more...]

Bedford Drive – Detroit – The Shelter, MI – 2002-02-09

Bedford DriveWhere: Detroit - The Shelter, MI.When: 2002-02-09I absolutely hate going to the Shelter for winter shows. As an actual venue itself, the place is great - it's small, intimate, and the sound there is generally great, thanks to the way-cool sound staff. However, shows there rarely start at the time advertised, and the doors NEVER open on … [Read more...]

The Kids of Widney High – Insects

The Kids of Widney HighInsectsIt is easy to capitalize on the novelty of a bunch of retarded high school kids singing songs. The thing is, The Kids of Widney High are not a "novelty" act, along the lines of Leonard Nemoy anti-drug tunes. While developmental disabilities clearly effect the ability of some young people to communicate, it does not … [Read more...]

Menthol Hill – Letter

Menthol HillLetterI like people who are not embarrassed to externalize their childlike inclinations. Some of the strangest and most beautiful music I have encountered has come from everyday people who are often hardly aware of themselves. For instance, I was once on the last bus coming out of downtown Portland early in the morning, where the bus … [Read more...]