Archives for January 2002

LisaLovesMilhouse – SomeoneLikeMe

LisaLovesMilhouseSomeoneLikeMeApparently, LisaLovesMilhouse doesn't love spaces. The name caught me, as pop culture filters its way into music yet again, inevitably delving into the Simpsons. This College Park, MD band has a bunch of songs on their site but hasn't apparently released an album. They have sung about lunch boxes, boys, and other … [Read more...]

Randi Russo – Solar Bipolar

Randi Russo Solar Bipolar New York City resident Randi Russo - who used to record under the name Raizel - has released her first debut full-length under her real name with Solar Bipolar, and it takes a page from the days of urgent punk-ish rock-n-roll that came before her. At times sounding like Joan Jett or Patti Smith singing along to early … [Read more...]