Beloved – The Blue Period

The Blue Period

Ok, when worst comes to worst and I don’t know what band to review next, I just scan through their list of bands defined by easy-to-find (and basically meaningless) category and pick someone who I’ve never heard of. I knew from the very beginning of “The Blue Period” that this was a song I had to review.

The percussion that kicks off “The Blue Period” is just outstanding. I’m talking phenomenal drumming, and the band wisely lets it carry on over some nice melodic guitar for just long enough before the vocals come in, and you’re thinking this is another Get Up Kids style emo band. But the song explodes suddenly with driving guitars over a powerful rhythm. It continues a sort of mid-tempo emo pace for a few minutes, with good lyrics, and then suddenly the vocals are being screamed, with backing screams to accompany, and I’m left reminded of the most intense Planes Mistaken for Stars and Thursday. Driving, slightly metal-tinged guitars and screaming mixes with more melodic, urgent emo-style moments.

Unfortunately, Beloved, which is a pretty terrible band name now that I think about it, didn’t bother to put up any information on their mp3 page except to say that this song is from an EP called The Running on Vindicated Records, and that they’re from Kernersville, NC. So I did a little research, and found their website and that they are a Christian rock band. Don’t’ worry, because that’s not obvious from this song, anyway, and it doesn’t appear the band is preaching in any obvious way, so all the more power to them. On the basis of this one song alone, I’m hooked. Powerful and driving, with great vocals, plenty of intensity, and amazing drumming, this is good stuff.