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Grenade – Free

GrenadeFreeLooking at most music media coverage - even within the indie press, it would seem that the US has something of a monopoly on musical creativity. Most bands that do get coverage here are typically viewed as novelty acts (e.g. the blistering hardcore of Japanese bands such as Melt Banana) or as clever pop crossover (Belle and Sebastian, … [Read more...]

Rescue 201 – Rumor Mill

Rescue 201Rumor MillIf Rescue 201 had been around doing what they are doing now in the mid 70s, they would be well remembered. Seeing as how none of the members in the band (with ages ranging from 16 to 19) were even born yet when bands like the Germs were solidifying their place as punk myths, this isn't really a viable option. My quip isn't that … [Read more...]

The New Christs – We Got This!

The New ChristsWe Got This! "We got this, so flyblown away .... If we're gonna get along you gotta share that line with me" So begins what may be the final album for The New Christs, one of the greatest Australian bands, and long in the line of antipodean groups who found more success and recognition in the venues of Europe than in the beer barns … [Read more...]

The Train of Thought – City of Fire

The Train of ThoughtCity of FireThis trio is difficult to pin down. Their influences are varied and their output is reminiscent of bands like Jawbreaker, yet features a minor-chord doom perhaps stemming from some of the member's days as if in a Misfits cover band. This darker side of their sound reminds me of a sped-up version of the band Quicksand … [Read more...]

The Goodwill – Forgotten Feeling

The GoodwillForgotten FeelingThe Goodwill remind me of a lot of bands that I don't want to like. Upbeat pop-punk suitable for the current crop of teen-movie soundtracks ...lyrics about growing up, falling in and out of love, etc. You know, those 'guilty pleasures' that you don't turn off when they come on some mix tape somebody made you: Green Day, … [Read more...]

Keith Welsh – Where My Belly Hangs

Keith WelshWhere My Belly HangsWelsh could represent the softening of the American hardcore scene. Perhaps the strict discipline of social-standards is being relaxed to allow for a new pluralism as far as what constitutes good music? Then again, a part of all scenesterism is the ability to succeed based on who you know independent of the style of … [Read more...]

My Hotel Year – Breathing Patterns

My Hotel YearBreathing PatternsWhen your only Internet access is at the public library - sandwiched in between a drooling, pit-stained whale who has beached himself at some kiddie-porn site and an irate woman who is unable, apparently for hours on end, to print out some hideous clip-art border for a baby shower - your research abilities become … [Read more...]

Decoder Ring – Sydney – Sydney Metro, Australia – 2002-01-10

Decoder RingWhere: Sydney - Sydney Metro, Australia.When: 2002-01-10You know you’re getting too old for this rock and roll malarky when you arrive at a gig at 8 pm and the doors don’t open for a least another half an hour. You also know you’re getting too old when you groan audibly when told the main act won’t take the stage until at least … [Read more...]

Robb Milford – Goose Egg

Robb MilfordGoose EggMilford has been around for a few years playing gigs pretty much anywhere he can. His most recent release may not be representative of his performing abilities. His decision to hire what he describes as a "fictional back-up band" (The Green Olives of Justice) was probably in order to achieve a more complete realization of his … [Read more...]

Beloved – The Blue Period

BelovedThe Blue PeriodOk, when worst comes to worst and I don't know what band to review next, I just scan through their list of bands defined by easy-to-find (and basically meaningless) category and pick someone who I've never heard of. I knew from the very beginning of "The Blue Period" that this was a song I had to review. The … [Read more...]