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Grafton – S/T

GraftonS/TGrafton would be a hit if they entered a warp zone that placed them in 1849, the peak year of the California Gold Rush. Grafton's dirty, aggressive rock would provide a perfect soundtrack to the thievery, murder, and overall negativity of the period (the vast majority of miners were unsuccessful in their search for gold). Any of Grafton's … [Read more...]

Mark Insley – Tucson

Mark InsleyTucson Mark Insley's singing voice is one of those rare instruments that sounds perfectly at ease with every note passing through it. Whether Insley is growling or crooning, you get the relaxing impression that he could have just told you everything he's singing, but it's just easier for him to sing them all to you. Whatever it is in … [Read more...]

The Sock Angels – S/T

The Sock AngelsS/TDrowning somewhere in the crushing tide of one-man, in-home solo projects comes The Sock Angels, brought to you by Daniel Moriarty, who began the recording process on an eight-track in the spare bedroom of his Minneapolis apartment, mixing songs on his Macintosh G3. Moriarty has played with various bands involved in the … [Read more...]

The Get Up Kids – Eudora

The Get Up KidsEudora "The Get Up Kids haven't been any good since Four Minute Mile." "They got all wimpy when they switched to Vagrant." "They used to be cool, but they're just too cute and poppy now." Say what you will about The Get Up Kids, but I love them. That's right, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I love Four Minute Mile. I love … [Read more...]

Sand Which Is – Burn Right Through

Sand Which IsBurn Right ThroughWhether its trendy Weezer wanna-be's, aspiring pop stars, or hardcore rejects, the emo genre seems to have an abundance of mediocre bands that go through the motions and play the same old played-out pop. It's almost as if many of these groups could not hack it in their own particular genre so they strayed into the … [Read more...]

The Nectarine No. 9 – Received Transgressed and Transmitted

The Nectarine No. 9Received Transgressed and TransmittedThere are some bands that do one thing and do it well. There are also many bands that try many different things and fail to come up with anything that works. (And, of course, there are other bands that do one thing and still suck.) But praise must be given to the rare bands that can work with … [Read more...]

Something for Kate – Echolalia

Something for KateEcholaliaThe success of Something for Kate's previous album, Beautiful Sharks, was the culmination of many years of hard touring and recording for the band. National recognition had come earlier, in the shape of their hit single "Captain" off Elsewhere for 8 Minutes, which supplemented their already dedicated fanbase, but it was … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Give the People What They Want: The Songs of the Kinks

Various ArtistsGive the People What They Want: The Songs of the KinksIn the canon of rock and roll history, it’s possible that no band has been more tragically overlooked by the general public than the Kinks. Sure, most everybody has at least heard of them and probably had a chance encounter with their revved up garage anthem “You’ve Really Got … [Read more...]

Left Out Skippy – S/T EP

Left Out SkippyS/T EPFor the kids and by the kids, Left Out Skippy throws down a rough demo release of aggressive rock songs. The younger four-piece band plays a style of music popular amongst white, suburban youth that is not quite punk and not quite metal but something sort of fun in between. These are the bands you would see at house parties in … [Read more...]

Point – Aquila Bert

PointAquila BertSome bands can really fool you. Just listening to the first track of their album, or even the first few bars of a song, can give you a totally askew impression of their sound. For instance, listening to "Girls and Boys," the first track off of Blur's Parklife, you might get the impression they were some sort of poppy Pet Shop Boys … [Read more...]