(The Real) Tuesday Weld – I Love the Rain 7"

(The Real) Tuesday Weld
I Love the Rain 7"

(The Real) Tuesday Weld is London’s Stephen Coates, an artist who is unabashedly in love with 50’s movie music and great big vinyl sounds. His songs evoke those days – to some, the good old days – only with a modern touch. With bouncy, playful beats, plenty of light keyboards, and songs you can actually dance to, all with Coates’ rich vocals overtop, his songs are fun yet sentimental at the same time. And always delightful.
“I Love the Rain,” taken from (The Real) Tuesday Weld’s full-length album, When Cupid Meets Psyche, here sounds a bit more moody and slower. The bouncy beats and carnival-like keyboards provide a nice backdrop to Coates’ deep, rich vocals. The song is clearly playful, to go with the playful lyrics, and Coates shows off an affinity for vinyl. This is the kind of release that could have come out on vinyl in the 50’s, to some degree – at least, that’s where he’s basing much of his music. Done with a modern touch, this song is something of a classic already.
“(I’m Still in Love with) Paula Wilcox” is much more modern of a sound, and hence it likely would have sounded a bit out of place on the Tuesday Weld full-length. With an electronic beat, up-tempo and throbbing with bass and light keyboards, Coates sings the chorus and speaks the verses in a kind of rant/rap style that’s clever and fun. This is the most modern thing I’ve heard Coates do, something that still draws from his love of early music but also shows his knowledge of modern electronic elements as well. Tacked on at the end is a short instrumental, “Amelia Earhart Blue,” that could have come out of accompaniment for an early silent movie. Light acoustic guitar and organ give it a softly flowing feel, and you can easily imagine people dancing on the screen in black and white.
Coates is an undeniably stellar artist. The production on this 7″ is superb, giving these songs a rich feel. His voice takes the focus, but the music – light, airy, and fun – provides the perfect accompaniment. On this 7″, he shows off two sides to his music: the playful 50’s influence and the more modern approach. This should be required for any fan of (The Real) Tuesday Weld’s music.