Radiation4 – S/T EP


“There is no meaning to Radiation4 in itself, it is merely a vessel. It was created to bring about something greater than us all. It is everything and nothing; the erratic dynamic of our lives translated into crystalline sound. A single candle in a dark room and the shadows it casts that dance on the walls. Strong emotions and the last supernatural world. Childhood memories, lifetime imprints, dreams and daydreams, what we know and what we hope for… The One True Thing.” – From the Radiation4 web site
Sometimes music can just grab your attention with one note, or scream in this instance. Radiation 4 is amazing, an odd mixture of melodic hardcore and noisecore that makes you fall in love with it from the first song to the last.
They’re a relatively new band, formed in February of this year in Diamond Bar, Calif., and it’s amazing that a band this recently formed can sound this professional. They’re intricate, complex, horribly dissonant, pissed off as hell, and yet there’s a hint of melody that bands like From Autumn to Ashes, A Long Winter, and Hopes Fall are using in hardcore to make something other than drop D moshcore. Their odd tempos, time changes put them in a hardcore fraternity with the likes of Coalesce, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Cave-in.
The EP starts off with “The Only Good Experiment is a Dead One”; it’s weird, eerie, freakish, and damn good. Their use of their two guitarists is nothing short of genius. And the drummer should be given a medal for being able to play that fast – the drums sound like artillery, pounding away at your ears. The vocals are frightening, switching between a vocal vibration effect to a shrieking that fits the music amazingly well, only to switch to a growl that makes the windows shake and my parents cringe.
The CD continues like this: amazing, frightening, addictive, and seductive. The musicianship is completely mind-blowing, and I have a feeling this CD will not be far from my CD player for quite a while. If Radiation4 can do this in 10 months, I am excited to see what they can do as they mature as a band.