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Radiation4 – S/T EP

Radiation4S/T EP"There is no meaning to Radiation4 in itself, it is merely a vessel. It was created to bring about something greater than us all. It is everything and nothing; the erratic dynamic of our lives translated into crystalline sound. A single candle in a dark room and the shadows it casts that dance on the walls. Strong emotions and the … [Read more...]

The Soundtrack of Our Lives – Behind the Music

The Soundtrack of Our LivesBehind the MusicOne of the recent threads on the DOA message board dealt with the comparison between the rock of the 60's and 70's and what has become of it today. We debated whether bands were better those days or merely appear better by virtue of decades hearing the same songs and adapting to them. There's no doubt that … [Read more...]

Rocky Votolato – Burning My Travels Clean

Rocky VotolatoBurning My Travels Clean Rocky Votolato has stepped forward as one to watch among indie-rock's singer/songwriters. Aside from his now four solo releases that include last year's mini-release A Brief History and previous year's Rocky Votolato & Seth Warren CDEP and the self-titled Rocky Votolato debut release, Rocky has also been … [Read more...]

(The Real) Tuesday Weld – I Love the Rain 7"

(The Real) Tuesday WeldI Love the Rain 7"(The Real) Tuesday Weld is London's Stephen Coates, an artist who is unabashedly in love with 50's movie music and great big vinyl sounds. His songs evoke those days - to some, the good old days - only with a modern touch. With bouncy, playful beats, plenty of light keyboards, and songs you can actually … [Read more...]

Haymarket Riot – Bloodshot Eyes

Haymarket RiotBloodshot Eyes Yet another rock band from Chicago. But these guys sound like they could be from DC, maybe even DC of a few years ago, when the post-punk thing was really taking off. Bands like Fugazi come to mind immediately, as do some of the bands that members of Haymarket Riot have played in, including Gauge and Traluma. The … [Read more...]

Flare – Definitive CD Single

FlareDefinitive CD SingleProgressing beyond their self-professed "chamber-pop" style, Flare shows great growth and development on this three-song CD single, released to be reminiscent of old-style 12-inch singles and hence feeling very familiar both in sound and design to those releases. The ever-evolving New York City project Flare features this … [Read more...]

Explosions in the Sky – Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever

Explosions in the SkyThose Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever The unfortunately named Explosions in the Sky feature cover art of an angel "blessing" an airplane, with the doom-impending words that the airplane will crash tomorrow on the back. The album was released mere weeks before the September 11 crashes, … [Read more...]

The Apes – Atlanta – The Earl, GA – 2001-12-05

The ApesWhere: Atlanta - The Earl, GA.When: 2001-12-05On this unseasonably warm December night in the Dirty South, two roving groups of unscrupulous carpet-baggers hosted an exhibition of rock'n'roll musical vim and vigor that will hopefully prove to have had a resuscitative impact upon this city's moribund joke of a rock-jive scene. In most … [Read more...]

Norm Burns – Our Thanksgiving Blessings Are Great

Norm BurnsOur Thanksgiving Blessings Are GreatNorm Burns was one of the many people employed as a studio musician by labels that recorded and released song-poems. Song poems were written by random citizens that for whatever reason would like to see their (often insane) lyrics put to music and performed by "professionals." This often included lush … [Read more...]

Alison Ranger – To Migrate

Alison RangerTo MigrateAlison Ranger rely on the power of juxtaposition to maximize the impact of their delivery. Sometimes the variety of the music they are able to create results in an indecisiveness as to what to do next; however, most of their music is focused on the emotions behind the lyrics. This focus combines well with the band's brevity … [Read more...]