Munk – Anime Sweetheart

Anime Sweetheart

Waxboy Records are great at the whole japanimation artwork thing, once again showing itself here on Anime Sweetheart. A combination of electronic dance-techno make Munk’s beats a nice listen. This is, however, if you can get passed the annoying vocals and lyrics. There is something very agitated and mainstream about this mix, and that doesn’t surprise me. This could also be due in part to the incomprihensable way this genre is all about mixing sounds over and over and screwing with them to get them to sound, I guess, as bad as they can or repetitive and the same as every other dj dance mix. Because if they are to sound better with this process after lengthy time is spent, it still seems agitated and anxiety-riddled.

You just don’t get an LP started like a Moterhead album and then let us down by rapping like we did in Jr High with friends doing the beat sounds with their spit. This is another well produced and decent thought scrambled into an overachieving mess. It’s best described as “bow chick-a-bow chick-a-bow-wow” with transient beats taking over metal guitar. Lyrics repeat “mix it up with the techno bionic. I am hot for I am
supersonic.” Uhm, no you’re not. Please put as much effort into these words as your music if you’re going to spoil the mood by adding words at all. I enjoy the ambience of several of the songs but can’t get passed the bits of unnecessary lyrics, like “there is no living room, blames on the baby boom” for example. I tried to find potential there and failed to see it. I think that tingly sensation to their music is due to the drugs being taken in excessive amounts in order to endure these types of experiences.

Sorry, but this is just like the mean spoiled snotty guy that stole Peewee’s bike in his big adventure movie for me. That guy was a snot. If you’re into raving and all of that techno crap, this is probably music to your ears, as the band claims in their bio. Then again, every bio tends to be low on the modesty levels to give the band a good push. Promotional push, that is, not the physical one this sound seems to be promoting.