Flare – Definitive CD Single

Definitive CD Single

Progressing beyond their self-professed “chamber-pop” style, Flare shows great growth and development on this three-song CD single, released to be reminiscent of old-style 12-inch singles and hence feeling very familiar both in sound and design to those releases. The ever-evolving New York City project Flare features this time around singer and multi-musician LD Beghtol, Jon De Rosa (also of Aarktica and Dead Leaves Rising), Charles Newman on pianos and assorted instruments, Mark Gunderman on violin, and special help from John Wesley Harding on vocals and Ida’s Ida Pearle on violin.
If you have yet to hear the delightful orchestrated pop sounds of Flare, prepare to be surprised – not by the music itself but by how much you enjoy music this sophisticated. Dreamy, soft, vibrant pop music drawing from the 70’s and 80’s as well as modern pop, Flare use a host of instruments and gorgeous, sparkling vocals and harmonies to make music that will make you swoon. Beauty and precision are the trademarks of this delightful band, and again they showcase their talents on this short but fun CD.
“Definitive” may be their most pop track to date, and at times the band almost sounds like they’re apologizing for it. Clearly, this is one of their best songs ever. A song about a romantic triangle and indecision, the layers of gorgeous guitar, keys, violin, and multiple vocal harmonies create a swirl of absolutely, unabashedly pop music. “You never asked for much, just books and a fire and a tire swing. You never asked for much, just a ball of string and a promise ring,” Beghtol sings in his gorgeous vocals. The violins add the perfect touch to this song.
“Course” has for a long time been only available on an obscure Italian compilation. Designed here as “the NYC Eagle Memorial Mix,” this ultra-quiet song shows off the band’s more slow-core style. Quiet and lovely, with vocals following soft strings and drawn out keys, the song has a haunting and desperate feel. They finish with “You’re the Only Star (In My Blue Heaven),” a Gene Autry cowboy classic replicated here with just a lonesome ukulele and Beghtol’s and De Rosa’s fantastic harmony. Stark and fitting to the song for sure.
Another sampling of lovely music from this unique project, Flare showcase their penchant for pure pop as well as their own originality and quieter, more contemplative side. Each new release by this band finds them fitting even better with my always evolving musical taste. Fans of lovely pop music will have to seek them out.