Post-Haste – Adventures of a Mathematician EP

Adventures of a Mathematician EP

Packed in a slim case with just a single sheet card for an inset, I wasn’t sure if this band was called Post-Haste or Adventures of a Mathematician, either of which would be good band names, until I checked the websites, which are quite impressive. I’m thinking the bands on are all intermingled and share members as well as the love of lo-fi, playful rock, despite their own diverse

The production on this release leaves something to be desired. I’m reminded of a group of people jamming in their garage or basement. But the energy more than makes up for the production limitations. This band combines the fuzzed-out guitars of early Weezer with unadulterated power-pop of Superchunk and some garage-rock mayhem to make something that’s slightly chaotic, loose, and still fun.

“A.O.A.M.” starts off with a ripping, heavily fuzzed-out guitar line. This power-poppy track features muffled drums and muffled guitars, but there’s nothing muffled about the multiple vocal assault that’s somewhere between punk and snot-rock with all of the energy, even during the “yeah-ah-ah-ah.” Far better is “Are U Covered?” – a fast-paced rock assault that’s as catchy as it is driving and poppy, with hooks upon hooks. “A Good Pop Song” is just that. Hand-claps provide most of the beat, and the chorus of “I know…that you’ve got something…” is just so catchy. This is the best song here, despite the fact that the band is obviously trying especially hard to write their good pop song, no matter what it takes. The blazing guitar assault comes back on “Ugli Fountains,” which is maybe the tightest song here, and “I’ve Seen Perfection” is a kind of playful pop song that’s full of “ba-da-da-dums” shouted out at the top of the various singers’ lungs. “Metaphysical Waltz” finishes up quickly with the purely pop focus. This sounds like a great focus for the band, with a kind of urgency and heavy bass orientation, which I like quite a bit.

Not a bad release at all from the Post-Haste guys. This one is very short, with the songs coming in under three minutes. They hit you with their power chords and relentless hooks, their nasal vocal assault, their hand-claps and “ahh-ahh” backing vocals, and you’re left with a fond if blurry memory when the whole thing is over. “Who was that again?” you might wonder. Give it another dozen spins before it starts to stick.