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1neophyte – Ravish

1neophyteRavish1neophyte update "grunge" by infusing elements of 80s pop and rock into their music. This is not to say that the music is clichéd, as these elements are more elusive than angsty vocals being barked out through a telephone to achieve a particular effect. Instead, the band simply brings to mind different groups like the … [Read more...]

The Tamborines – The Most Important Thing (Has Gone)

The TamborinesThe Most Important Thing (Has Gone)What comes to mind when most Americans think of music in Brazil are those styles that evolved there: samba, bossa-nova, choro, etc. The influence that these styles have had on musicians from the States is immediately recognizable by the explosion of bossa-nova infused rhythms on a pleathora of jazz, … [Read more...]

Replicator – Winterval

ReplicatorWintervalLooking at the blue jewel case (not Ryko green) and eerie artwork to Replicator's Winterval, I knew quality music was a-waiting. The album title, to say the least, is undeniably cool. And then I noticed that Bob Weston, member of Shellac and producer of Sebadoh and Archers of Loaf, produced this half-hour LP. Boy, everything … [Read more...]

M-16 – Canciones Escritas En El Exilio

M-16Canciones Escritas En El ExilioThe original members of M-16 immigrated to New York City in 1996 to escape "the confining Dominican rock scene." Apparently, they released an EP somewhere between then and now, but I've never heard it. When one reads the press kit, it sounds like M-16 are some type of death metal band. All the literature and … [Read more...]

The North Sixty – For a Moment I Saw Clearly

The North SixtyFor a Moment I Saw ClearlyI haven't been reviewing CDs all that long, but I can safely say that bands like The North Sixty don't often appear on indie music sites. It's not because their music is different. It's not. The North Sixty performs power-pop infused with folk sensibilities. Their album For a Moment I Saw Clearly is filled … [Read more...]

Liars Academy – No News is Good News

Liars AcademyNo News is Good NewsRock, pop, punk, and emo. Blah blah blah blah blah Liars Academy blah blah blah blah blah blah Baltimore, Maryland. Blah blah blah blah blah blah, No News Is Good News blah blah blah blah blah blah. No seriously, what else is there to write or say about this style of music that we all don't already know? This debut … [Read more...]

Quixote – Protests of the Weak

QuixoteProtests of the WeakAh, the power trio. The time-tested rock 'n roll formula of a bassist, a guitarist, and a drummer. It has both sucked very badly - Rush, Green Day - and proven itself as one of the most thrilling combinations in music - Nirvana, Husker Du, and Built to Spill, among others. Power trios generally seem to be hit or miss: … [Read more...]

Fernando – Dreams of the Sun and Sky

FernandoDreams of the Sun and SkyI'm a huge proponent of the recent surge of classic American music. Lately, roots music - particularly blues and folk - have seen their influence grow in leaps and bounds. Everyone from Bob Dylan to Mark Kozelek to Will Oldham is writing traditional American music, and even experimental groups like … [Read more...]

Novillero – The Brindleford Follies

NovilleroThe Brindleford FolliesOh, you sneaky Novillero. When Endearing sent you, so innocuously packaged, with a variety of the label's other wares, you saw your chance to escape. While the more obedient and mild-mannered Endearing records sat nicely in a pile until distributed for review, you, you pesky CD you, had to go and fall behind my … [Read more...]

Various Artists – You Will Never Hear from Us Again

Various ArtistsYou Will Never Hear from Us AgainThe greatest thing about the compilations that Pehr releases is how little they sound like compilations. While there is obvious joy in finding the few gems on your average compilation from the pile of mundane, sound-alike music, there is also great pleasure in finding bands that are diverse and yet … [Read more...]