Little Metal Sparkly Things – In Two Fold

The unspoken connections that siblings often share allow a degree of communication and a potential for shared action are usually reserved for telepathic extraterrestrials or schools of fish. When applied to music, such hidden kinetics of the imagination can form a rarefied air that becomes a stage for a florid, occasionally unapproachable intimacy. At its worst, this world is concealed behind sappy mmm-Bop and blinding Osmond-smiles. At its best, it is coupled with musical ability which makes the inexpressible accessible. Pop-heroes, the Carpenters were a fine example of this principle in action, as are the recent indie sensation White Stripes. Little Metal Sparkly Things seems capable of attaining a similarly grand stature; unfortunately their music at present is but a small home-taped hobby.

“In Two Fold” is lush and cinematic, even with the limitations of the cheap tools and lo-fi production Shawn and Bethany have at their disposal. The break-beats are convincing and not overly-looped, while the guitar brings to mind the dancing tremolo of Sonic Youth’s quieter SYR outings. The vocals are soft but retain their clarity throughout. The instruments, including the human voices, work harmoniously although without harmony: each simultaneously yet divergently expressing a common melodic idea. Less danceable than earlier recordings from Little Metal Sparkly Things, “In Two Fold” inspires contemplation with its evocative soundscape.

Little Metal Sparkly Things is aptly named. Ubiquitous items, part of the fabric of the mundane, that reveal a surreal and fleeting beauty when examined in fine detail; such is the band’s quality – small and unheard yet magnificent when held up to the light. It is not that LMST are without influences; however, their conception, if not entirely unique, is remarkably pure.