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Trinkets – The Old Museum

TrinketsThe Old MuseumHailing from my old haunt Brisbane, Australia, Trinkets are a four-piece instrumental post-rock behemoth, and The Old Museum, their debut album, shines a bright light on a band with a long and hopefully successful road ahead of them. Recorded live at the Old Queensland Museum, a semi-Gothic glory that I used to walk by most … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Redefine the Rockstar, Vol. 5

Various ArtistsRedefine the Rockstar, Vol. 5Usually, every compilation has at least a couple of bands that you've heard of before. However, when I received Redefine the Rockstar, that wasn't the case. The New York label, 3:16 Productions, self-dubbed as "The bottom line in underground and indie talent," has assigned itself the purpose of putting … [Read more...]

Garrison – Be a Criminal

GarrisonBe a CriminalBear with me for just a minute, please. This will eventually make sense. At least I hope it will ... Picture the band Garrison as a blank Mr. Potato Head doll: just the potato, with no face or limbs. Laying next to this musical Mr. Potato Head is a pile of eyeballs, arms, legs, noses, hats, ears, and so on. Now, take the … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Coming Up: Independent Artists Pay Tribute to the Music of Paul McCartney

Various ArtistsComing Up: Independent Artists Pay Tribute to the Music of Paul McCartneyThis is the second of two CD tributes to one of the greatest songwriters in the history of rock, Paul McCartney. The first disc, Listen to What the Man Said, featured an excellent array of McCartney solo classics performed by artists such as Matthew Sweet and … [Read more...]

Rectangle – Bunker

RectangleBunkerThe year is 1997, and Sonic Youth and Pavement stir fans of their very different, but equally influential, music to either start-up or join a band. In Urbana, Illinois, one such group of individuals eventually unifies, starts to practice, and performs as an entirely unique indie-rock group. In the years that have passed since this … [Read more...]

Soap Star Joe – Handstands for Love EP

Soap Star JoeHandstands for Love EP Isn't the best stuff always just an EP? This five-song glimpse of Sydney, Australia's three-piece Soap Star Joe is short but sweet, lyrically and instrumentally. Youthful best describes this release in the best essence of the word. Like a gold memory that takes you back to the good and innocent times of love, … [Read more...]

Radio Berlin – The Selection Drone

Radio BerlinThe Selection DroneA musician about my age - in his late-20's - told me once that Prince's Purple Rain was the most important album for his and my generation. For a while, musicians have been rejecting the scourge of 80's music - that synth-driven punk-influenced pop sound that spawned sexual androgyny and breakdancing. Yet, just … [Read more...]

The Witch Hazel Sound – The World, Then the Fireworks

The Witch Hazel SoundThe World, Then the FireworksI probably wouldn't have bought this album based on any reviews I would have read, simply because any description of it wouldn't sound like something I would normally enjoy. That being said, this will go down as one of my favorite releases of the year, undoubtedly, and perhaps the best purely pop … [Read more...]

Messyheads – Say Something Stupid EP

MessyheadsSay Something Stupid EPWe've talked a lot about how the advent of new recording equipment, high-powered computers, and the Internet have made it possible for any single person with some musical talent and something to say to release an album. Sometimes, you get a singer/songwriter doing the whole pouring his heart out over an acoustic … [Read more...]

The Hokkaido Concern – S/T EP

The Hokkaido ConcernS/T EP The Hokkaido Concern are a four-piece band from Philadelphia that plays instrumental, driving rock tunes. Their songs are all around three to four minutes, which is nice when most bands in this genre tend to go on and on for seven minutes of the same old thing, and they clearly have a lot of energy. Falling somewhere … [Read more...]