Various Artists – Initial Records Punk Rocker Sampler

Various Artists
Initial Records Punk Rocker Sampler

Initial Records has been a staple in Louisville’s hardcore scene since before I knew what punk was, boasting such incredible bands as Falling Forward, Elliott, The Enkindles, Boy Sets Fire, King For A Day, Ink & Dagger, The White Octave, The Jazz June, Silent Majority, and so many others. Not to mention that the label put on KrazyFest and released some absolutely amazing comp CDs.
This disc falls in the latter category, and the only thing I can say after listening to it for quite some time now is “wow.” It is an extremely good mix of everything from mathy metal-core to the emo that makes kids break down and cry … well maybe not THAT emo. The one thing that I don’t hear very much of is straight-up punk-rock. By a Thread and Forever and a Day are on the emo spectrum of the punk-rock circuit, while Automatic is almost to the point of being hardcore. But that really isn’t a complaint and if it were, it would be overshadowed by the sheer wonderfulness of this CD.
The brightest spots on the CD in my opinion are Dillinger Escape Plan’s “43% Burnt,” Hot Water Music’s “Free Radio Gainesville,” Himsa’s “Twist,” and Silent Majority’s “Party at Rick’s.” These songs are the ones I listen for every time this finds its way to my CD player, which has been a lot lately.
So, in other words, go pick this one up. There’s something for everybody, from the melody of The Get Up Kids to the sheer ferocity of Eighteen Visions, you listen to all 25 tracks and then go back and do it again and again. Besides, it’s only $5; you don’t need to eat, you need this CD. Oh and by the way, if you suddenly develop an addiction to Himsa because of this CD, it’s not my fault. The same thing happened to me.