Twigs – Epicure


Keep it simple, stupid. While bands keep trying to cram hundreds of time changes, thousands of layers, and billions of analog synths into their songs, Bergen, Norway-based Twigs cut through the mess with basic, effective song writing. Epicure features all the best features of noise rock and compresses them into fairly poppy nuggets.

All the individual roles are well filled. The female vocals have a tendency to float gently about your skull until suddenly pulling you by your hair to the speaker, forcing you to listen. The drums flow perfectly, driving when the rock is on and coasting when the songs cool down. The bass wanders in and out, bouncing about with a slightly trebly tone, adding some extra dynamic to the mix. The guitars work in the quintessential noise format, jumping from shimmering chords to ascending masses of distortion. And the band must run its budget into the ground paying for those nine-volt-sucking delay pedals.

The vast majority of Epicure combines excellent hooks with controlled bursts of distortion and feedback. Track 1 will either send you into a spasm of dancing or running for the hills in horror. I definably fit with in the former. That said, Twigs occasionally fall into a bit of a rut and rely some heavy-handed studio tricks to bail the song out (Track 5’s electric xylophone just sounds tacky). Other songs have trouble getting started. Track 8 never makes it off the ground and thus stretches on much too long. Track 11 also drags a bit. But these are the exception, not the rule. If you’ve got the cash, this is worth shelling out for.