The Skull – You Are Defective I Am Defecting

The Skull
You Are Defective I Am Defecting

The Skull is the more interesting of Mico Rison’s projects, blending layers of feedback with synthesized sounds to form a backdrop that compliments his quirky verse. The band retains a rock sound but avoids a reliance on stale riffs.

“You Are Defective…” features a detuned guitar drone that persists throughout the song over which a bass melody is plucked out to support a soft raking of guitar harmonics. An insistent synth disco beat throbs while sampled cymbals flutter, eventually ushering in the vocals. The lyrics are fairly clever as wordplay but seem a little forced. The delivery is in a raspy monotone that brings to mind White Zombie or Gibby Haynes’ vocals on “Pepper.” The song appears to have been written as a poem, as the recitation is belted out as quickly as possible and never repeated. There is no verse/chorus distinction, and the uneven meter means that, because of their length, many lines become unintelligble, being so rushed. The section with vocals is followed by a guitar amp solo with the feedback being punched in and out with a rhythmic staccato. This high-pitched laser gun effect finally subsides, and the song fades to its conclusion.

The Skull has a lot of confidence but not a great deal of creative or musical weight to articulate with this quality. While mildly entertaining, Mico Rison’s music is neither virtuosic nor emotive and seems to lack an overall focus. Thankfully this is not the “same old thing,” but the alternatives explored here seem more rewarding to the performer than the listener.