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Penfold – Our First Taste of Escape

PenfoldOur First Taste of EscapeI've been listening to this album for a few months now, thanks to a copy of the album attained by an eager fan well ahead of its release date. And there was no doubt in my mind that Penfold's new album was going to be one of my favorites of the year. In fact, Our First Taste of Escape will likely go down as one of my … [Read more...]

Owen – S/T

OwenS/T Quite possibly staking his claim as the more talented of the oft-admired Kinsella brothers, Mike Kinsella is back with his second solo album, this time forsaking the American Football moniker for that of Owen. The drummer in the re-united Cap'n Jazz (now called Owls), on this album, Kinsella plays all the instruments and creates something … [Read more...]

In a Day – Split 7"

In a DaySplit 7" Pop aficionados might recognize these two bands, and if not, they absolutely should. Even As We Speak are something of a legendary Australian band, releasing a number of singles and an album on the illustrious pop label Sarah. And In a Day features Laura Watling and Dwayne Palasek of The Autocollants and Cartwheel. Both bands … [Read more...]

The Prom – Boston – Middle East Downstairs, MA – 2001-10-26

The PromWhere: Boston - Middle East Downstairs, MA.When: 2001-10-26I found new Weezer, Fugazi and Pedro The Lion seven-inches at the Newbury Comics in Harvard Square before the show, so I was already in a good mood, but then I got to the show and realized what a late night I was in for, thanks to the excessively late set schedule and the one-hour … [Read more...]

Emanuel Nice – Louisvelle – The Brycc House, KY – 2001-10-24

Emanuel NiceWhere: Louisvelle - The Brycc House, KY.When: 2001-10-24I haven’t been to many shows lately. It’s not that I dislike the atmosphere, it’s just that a lot of the same bands play the same songs, and since I have a limited income (read: none) that means I have to pick and choose carefully. Well I chose this one and was not disappointed in … [Read more...]

Iran – April

IranAprilThe music of San Francisco natives, Iran, has been described as "almost-catchy." This is appropriate as their material harbors more traditional rock and pop forms embedded in a malestrom of electronic noise and samples. But rather than be obscured beneath a collage of feedback, melodies and vocals are dissolved into the sonic mix. The pop … [Read more...]

The Skull – You Are Defective I Am Defecting

The SkullYou Are Defective I Am DefectingThe Skull is the more interesting of Mico Rison's projects, blending layers of feedback with synthesized sounds to form a backdrop that compliments his quirky verse. The band retains a rock sound but avoids a reliance on stale riffs. "You Are Defective..." features a detuned guitar drone that persists … [Read more...]

The Shermans – Casual

The ShermansCasualRiding 34 miles-per-hour in a 35 miles-per-hour lane with window cracked and autumn leaves lining the street curbs, and the Shermans' Casual playing on my car stereo, I cannot help but show hints of a smile. The Shermans (made of members of the like-minded Red Sleeping Beauty and Aerospace) are all about carefree, happy pop. As … [Read more...]

Superchunk – Here’s to Shutting Up

SuperchunkHere’s to Shutting UpIt’s been said that by the age of 30, most people have reached the frame of mind that they’ll live with, more or less, for the rest of their lives. Values held that long supposedly are firmly enough entrenched so as to make any great life change difficult and unlikely. In short, the brain is no longer as malleable as … [Read more...]

The Strokes – Is This It

The StrokesIs This ItThe cover art of the new, much-hyped Strokes album is pulling me in two directions, and quite frankly, I'm a bit torn. On one hand, I've always been sort of partial to celestial imagery, and the starts and swirling lines on this album art are undeniably cool. To make things better, the color scheme is nearly perfect, and … [Read more...]