Marc (with a "C") – Hits from the Bong

Marc (with a "C")
Hits from the Bong

Marc is an interesting individual who produces music usually accompanied by his own guitar and occasionally a guest bassist. Coffeeshop acoustic music that is best experienced live, Marc has garnered a devoted local fan-base in Orlando. He relies on the strength of his performance and the charisma of his on-stage personality (always encouraging audience participation even if it may sometimes come in the form of a negative response) to produce an impact that transcends the music itself. Whimsical and a little weird, his songs are honestly delivered no matter how unusual the subject matter (e.g. “Human Slushy,” “You Left Me For A Woman, But Now You’re Getting Fat”).

This is a live recording of a collaboration between Marc (with a “C”) and Troy Meice who for a time recorded with the Meat Puppets. For some reason, rock versions of certain rap songs never cease to seem clever, at least as indicated by the recent hit of Alien Ant Farm’s reworking of Michael Jackson’s classic “Smooth Criminal.” Cypress Hill seems an obvious target only after hearing it done, which makes one wonder why it took so long. The performance of the song is good, although the audio quality leaves something to be desired. Having downloaded this because of the Meat Puppets connection, I was disappointed to find that the acid-induced virtuosity and manic creative energy of the Kirkwoods did not seem to leave a substantial mark on Meice. While the concept is funny and the delivery is appropriately dead-pan, his singing makes him sound like any other weed-toking guest appearance (e.g. Leif Garret singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with the Melvins).

Despite Marc (With a “C”)’s penchant for roping in an audience, this does not transfer over very well to this recording, and, unfortunately Meice lends little more than his name to what one might anticipate to be an energetic and rewarding collaboration.