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Lupine Howl
The Carnivorous Lunar Activities

God, what an insane weekend. I spent an entire weekend exploring The Carnivorous Lunar Activities with the British lads of Lupine Howl. They’re three ex-members of Spiritualzed, formerly known as one of the hottest backing bands in the world, and let me tell you, these guys know how to have a good time. In fact, I think they’ve grown a little too adept at this skill. As I attempt to musically detoxify from the weekend, let me tell you what went down…
We met up at this place called the “Vaporizer,” some sort of weird nightclub with a seedy atmosphere. Things seemed to start off normal enough: I heard the familiar sounds of Manchester-style club grooves, the kind that the Inspiral Carpets and Blur were adept at back in the day. But from there, things just started to get weird. They kept telling me to “get on my stone,” so I obliged, as any polite guest would. Soon, and thereafter in my weekend, details became a blur … What’s in this drink? Where am I? The conversation changed to “a submarine needle exchange” and “colors creeping in your mind,” the jam started to incorporate lush and obtuse electrical noise, and then it happened: I was there. I was feeling it. I was happy, I was dancing, but I was still deliciously off balance.
Luckily we left this place before things got too weird, and went to club “Sniff the Glue.” This was a relaxing, atmospheric place, playing grooves not unlike a dance-oriented Mercury Rev, with a catchy, moving melody. I found a beautiful young lass to dance with, and I enjoyed the trip, although I was feeling kind of dizzy as some thick, rocking guitars came in out of nowhere and swept me away. I was officially hooked.
Some details become fuzzy at this point. The next place I remember going was this place called “Carnival,” on the other side of town. They must have slipped me some freaky pills back at the other place, and they just started to kick in. These guys were talking crazy at this point, bringing up “golden cocaine” and other such wickedness. About halfway through, these guys kept disappearing into the bathroom for some reason or another, and a sparse yet building noise/trance-type section took over. Before I knew it, 10 minutes had slipped by, and I’d been enjoying myself so much that I barely even minded. Wonderful! I wished more clubs would play music like this!
What else do I remember? Oh yes, “Sometimes,” a great lounge-y slow jam, is the sort of wonderful jem Radiohead would have been proud of a few years back. That is, until the seven-minute mark, where the band kicks it into overdrive with a Hawkwind-style freakout. Very intriguing lads, this Lupine Howl: They’re equally adept at soul-influenced playing, layering atmospheric sounds, crafting memorable hooks, and bringing the guitars and just flat out rocking out. They take influences from the 70s, 80s, and 90s and create something totally original and extremely addictive from them, a sort of “new British soul.” What kind of fool was J. Spaceman for firing these guys?
Overall, I’d say this is one of my “high points” of the year so far, as there’s never a dull moment to be found. I’d highly recommend hanging with these guys (and picking up this record, of course). Just make sure you plan to have a day or two afterwards to recover!