Archives for October 2001

Ska-Ca-Doodle-Do – Universal Namespace

Ska-Ca-Doodle-DoUniversal NamespaceSka-Ca-Doodle-Do is one of the multiple incarnations of the people behind Catastrophe Records. Little info is available about this band in particular, although it clearly bears the mark of Baron's other projects on Catastrophe such as Kissing Contest. The musicality is subtle but precise, and relaxed production … [Read more...]

Maya Shore – Farewell to Introductions

Maya ShoreFarewell to IntroductionsI feel like this album has something against me. It wants to tease me. Each of the eight tracks on Farewell to Introductions wields some weapon to bore into my skull, puncture my cerebral cortex, and stimulate my motor cortex, thereby resulting in muscle spasms. However, none of the songs ever unleashes that … [Read more...]

Rally Boy – Hooks & Crutches

Rally BoyHooks & CrutchesThe nifty little Oregon four-piece known as Rally Boy is comprised of guitarist Dan Blaker, guitarist Ryan Matheson, bassist Justin Scott, and drummer Robert Ham. The first three guys all contribute vocal pieces here and there, just to keep you on your toes. Musically, the boys blend elements of indie rock, pop and punk … [Read more...]

In Arcadia – All Green Lights EP

In ArcadiaAll Green Lights EP What ever happened to the day when emo had more in common with hardcore than with pop? There was once a time when emo bands were just as politically or socially oriented as any hardcore band out there. Bands like Endpoint challenged the status quo of the hardcore scene, and, although many times they talked about topics … [Read more...]

Jonathan Richman – Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow

Jonathan RichmanHer Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye ShadowDepending on how much of a punk-rock completist you are, you've probably come across the name of Jonathan Richman as being one of the forerunners of the punk's primitive, back-to-the-basics-aesthetic. Of course, you could have been introduced to him through his cameo in There's Something … [Read more...]

The Lepers – S/T

The LepersS/TI was once told by a fellow reviewer that promos received in smashed condition were destined to be bad. This CD arrived not with tattered inserts or bio sheets but a broken jewel case that, when opened, spilled the CD out and into my lap. Well, maybe it's a good thing. A greeting hello perhaps? Anyhow, Caulfield Records' sticker of … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Initial Records Punk Rocker Sampler

Various ArtistsInitial Records Punk Rocker SamplerInitial Records has been a staple in Louisville's hardcore scene since before I knew what punk was, boasting such incredible bands as Falling Forward, Elliott, The Enkindles, Boy Sets Fire, King For A Day, Ink & Dagger, The White Octave, The Jazz June, Silent Majority, and so many others. Not to … [Read more...]

Veluxe – S/T EP

VeluxeS/T EPFirst, a geography lesson. Rochester, NY lies in western New York and borders Lake Ontario. Buffalo, NY a bit more well-known and lies about an hour and a half to the west. I've been in Rochester for six months, and I had yet to really hear any good local bands. Everyone was from Buffalo. An hour and a half away lay a stellar indie rock … [Read more...]

The Appleseed Cast – Low Level Owl: Volume II

The Appleseed CastLow Level Owl: Volume IIStarting off as the first volume finishes, Volume II of Low Level Owl is clearly meant to be listened to immediately after the first disc ends. To best experience Appleseed Cast's latest work, you should have the two hours to spare and play both discs. Why they were sold separately confuses me, because this … [Read more...]

The New Pornographers – Mass Romantic

The New PornographersMass RomanticA supergroup of sorts, The New Pornographers is something of a side project for its individual members, which include Dan Bejar of Destroyer, folk-country singer Neko Case, Carl Newman of Zumpano, John Collins of Thee Evaporators, Kurt Dale of Limblifter, and filmmaker Blaine Thurier. The real wonders here, … [Read more...]