West 62 – Hands Up on Landsdown

West 62
Hands Up on Landsdown

I would like to ask these boys where they get their cover art from. I believe it says a lot about appearances, and I was sorely mistaken to suspect it being the band members themselves. Perhaps it’s their fathers at their senior prom. This seems to have a lot to do with where these guys are at. West 62 consists of five boys, ranging from what looks like 17 to 20 years old, which could also explain the raw energy displayed in several photographs printed in the insert, with a track listening that tends to lean towards songs about driving and general teen angst.

The lyrics follow in the same pattern. The problem with pop-punk is that it often becomes redundant. I am always game for giving credit to those starting out especially in a judgmental environment such as high school. In that aspect these musicians look promising. As a band there isn’t a whole lot of harmony here. It isn’t terrible or even annoying, it just isn’t tight. The drummer and the singer don’t seem to be on the same page.

West 62 sounds like a interstate. “My View From The Back Seat,” the LP’s opening track, has Green Day’s break downs and a strong vocal track. Unfortunately as the song goes on, and as the LP goes on, this strength goes to weakness. These boys are trying and could be a lot worse. For now we could even blame bad mixing and production. I wouldn’t run out to order this release, but it serves more as a medal for effort the members should be proud of.