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Norfolk and Rider – "13th Century" b/w "Hegira" 7"

Norfolk and Rider"13th Century" b/w "Hegira" 7"Now this is a unique concept. Norfolk & Western are from Portland, OR, and Shoes & Rider are from Brooklyn, NY. Each of the two bands' frontmen, Adam Selzer and Mark Wyman respectively, recorded guitar and vocal tracks and then sent them across the country to be finalized by … [Read more...]

Weights and Measures – Tonight, the Lower Abdominals EP

Weights and MeasuresTonight, the Lower Abdominals EPI'd like everyone reading this to imagine the upcoming five words as spoken by the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons: Best … Song titles … Ever. EVER. When I first looked at Tonight, the Lower Abdominals, my co-workers and I laughed for a good 10 minutes over tracks names like "My God Can Beat … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit

Various Artists Sympathetic Sounds of DetroitSo, the basic story behind this compilation is simple. Long Gone John from Sympathy for the Record Industry was working on having a compilation of the Memphis music scene put together. Jack White of the White Stripes liked that idea, so he beat Memphis to the punch by piecing together (literally) this … [Read more...]

Loscil – Triple Point

LoscilTriple PointThis is some trippy, trippy stuff. I really didn't know what to expect from loscil, and I have to admit that I was a bit thrown for a loop by the project's one-sheet. *Ahem* ...And I quote: "The album is based on the concepts of thermodynamics, the physical science which investigates the conversion of heat into mechanical force … [Read more...]

The Album Leaf – Detroit – The Gem Theater, MI – 2001-09-19

The Album LeafWhere: Detroit - The Gem Theater, MI.When: 2001-09-19(Jeff contributes after seeing the same show the next evening in Toronto) In one of the strangest occurrences of my entire life, my ticket to see Sigur Ros managed to mysteriously disappear just days before the event. I have no idea what in the world happened, but it went a … [Read more...]

Fivehead – Big Mistake Factory EP

FiveheadBig Mistake Factory EPIndie rock is what got me into music. Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, and Pavement from the late 80's and early 90's changed my casual music listening into an obsessive habit. And the six songs on Fivehead's Big Mistake Factory are as indie as it gets. The songs are either laid back and loose, or raw, rocking, and fractured. … [Read more...]

Rival Schools – United By Fate

Rival SchoolsUnited By FateLet's be honest, biographical information regarding a band can often be tedious and boring. However, with Rival Schools, that information is quite extensive and tells a great deal about the band's sound. Singer and guitarist Walter Schreifels was an integral part of Gorilla Biscuits, the highly influential late 80's … [Read more...]

Makeshift 3 – Game Day

Makeshift 3Game DayMakeshift 3 are a Christian punk/pop band. I wouldn't even mention the Christian part if I didn't think it had direct bearings on this review. There's nothing wrong with using music as a way to call attention to your religious beliefs, after all. But the problem I've had with music specifically marketed as "Christian" is that … [Read more...]

Esther Lee – Fifty Eight Now Nine

Esther LeeFifty Eight Now Nine Sometimes it seems as if everyone with five-string banjo and rudimentary guitar strumming capabilities can make an album of rustic, pseudo-Appalachian singer-songwriter folk. Toss in some surreal or primitively symbolic references and you have a modern approximation of those almost otherworldly recordings accumulated … [Read more...]

Superstitions of the Sky – Things Said in Passing

Superstitions of the SkyThings Said in PassingJosh Jakubowski and Kevin Hardy are Superstitions of the Sky. Their debut, Things Said in Passing, features the acoustic duo grappling with guitars and emo songs about you and I. Safe to say that an album in which every song with vocals contains (subject a) you just having dumped, broken up, or … [Read more...]