Keleton DMD – Body Double

Keleton DMD
Body Double

From the label that brought you the Small Brown Bike/Cursive split 7″, the first of 12 releases in a subscription-based limited series featuring what can be put frankly as some of indie-rock’s premiere bands, Makoto Recordings is hoping that Keleton DMD will soon be similarly recognized. The three piece of Dave Lukasik (guitar), Mike Gard (drums), and Dave Arter (bass) have followed up their Possibly the World 7″ with an eight-song debut full-length titled Body Double. Not currently quite as polished as their contemporaries, Keleton DMD do combine complicated math-rock stop and start equations with a post-hardcore Fugazi-like drive. Around Boston, there are many like-minded bands that appear on, including The Common Cold, Kolya, The Migration Trap, and others building towards a post-something or other genre.
Opening Body Double with a Turing Machine-like rhythm, guitar riff, and bass rumble, “Black and Single” soon switches lane to deliver free-form lyrics, “a losing mind and a tank top / reconvene or release / indecisive siphon sirens / consolidate date the day,” with straight-forward sound. But like a commuter hell-bent on getting to work on time, Keleton DMD switch lanes again without signal before the song’s end and are passing the listener in the right-hand lane with speedy guitar, screaming vocals, and what distinctly sounds like record scratching. The band’s formula of piecemeal song structure is displayed again in the LP’s semi-title track “Ken Lon, Body Double.” The guitar strumming introduction sounds like something lifted from Hum, but this is quickly absorbed by the DC-styled main body of the song, a style that Keleton DMD and Small Brown Bike have both put to personal use in their respective Michigan areas.
Again, I swear there is a record being scratched somewhere off in the distance for added texture, but there is no mention of turntables, so perhaps it’s the bass player’s picking style? Lyrics for “Ken Lon, Body Double” almost peeve me in the way that a band should include their name in the content, “…met these guys beside me in jail more than twelve years ago parole goal Keleton state prison cell block DMD developed assimilated syndrome spent nights sipping on freedom…” but damned if I can figure out what the hell they’re talking about when taken in context with the rest of the lyrics.
In what is probably my favorite song from this release, “Chuck Dezelha” is more constant than most songs on the album, and again, there is definitely some noise, something being scratched, some buried tempo-defining measure being taken to establish a rock groove. What the hell is that? I don’t know, but I ask the same of the lyric, “Dan’s Shanty to tartar spill / chemist lab coat a Red Wing’s shirt.” A few questions are left unanswered for Keleton DMD and their Body Double debut.