Joshua – The Teardrop Trio EP

The Teardrop Trio EP

I don’t know much about the New York band Joshua, but the name had popped up now and then, and this simple three-song EP is enough to make me incredibly excited about their upcoming full-length. This just makes the teaser. And for those who think Jimmy Eat World is the perfect blend of pop and emotional rock, give these songs a listen.
The basics are all here – your typical emo-style rock band with some keyboards used here and there. But lead singer Dan Coutant’s vocals are just so sweet that the songs have a different feel, and with a poppy feel to each song while keeping a serious rock quality, the band has an original sound. They don’t lose the purely emotional quality of the songs at any point.
“What Love Requires” is the best song here. Starting off with a killer bass riff and powerful percussion, the vocals come in so slick, a bit more emphatic than poppy. And Coutant sounds like he’s singing from personal experience when he sings, “I can feel the breaking inside / there’s much more to life than to be alive / I wish that I could say this to her tonight / but they never see your side.” “This Past September” will have you bobbing your head and singing along from the first listen. It’s poppy and catchy, but the guitars in it are powerful enough to keep it definitely a rock song. There’s some great piano used at times here too. “Bruise Your Vanity” starts off a bit more rocking and again has a catchy, powerful chorus. This one has a bit more of a big rock feel than the other songs, but the smooth vocals and powerful guitar feel keeps it from sounding like your typical radio rock band.
As a teaser for their full-length, The Teardrop Trio (which could be a band name in itself) definitely accomplishes its goal. Powerful and emotional rock that’s catchy and performed impeccably, tight and very talented yet lacking the cheese quality of a band like the Juliana Theory. These guys are definitely worth checking out. And, amazingly enough, all three of these songs are on their page.