JINDRA – Guitar + Voice: Volume One

Guitar + Voice: Volume One

The title for this LP lays out the ground work for you. It is just what it says. A guitar and a voice. Frankly it gives me the creeps that things like this exist. At first it reminded me of one of those very few people who hate the band Bright Eyes and in turn make fun. In other words, is this guy kidding?
Following through the songs have no arrangement, while sometimes a good thing, this recording seems pointless. Anyone could make up a song on the spot and wouldn’t need to be at all talented in the singing or guitar area to come up with something like this. Then it dawned on me how useful the recording of such is. I had my doubts by the third track that the songs could ever be repeated. It truly sounds like a bad singer picking up a friends guitar and attempting a bad joke, recording on his 4-track while he was snoring. I wondered if a fan could single out a song they enjoyed as they all sound the same and sound spontaneously recorded. Another one of those people you try and sit through at open mic night and go out to have a smoke until they pass.
Track six almost sounds like the vocals could be ok in a Crash Test Dummies sort of way until he breaks into that high pitch and brisk strum right into lack of arrangement and loss of feeling accompanied in the beginning to make a song sound whole. As I move on to track seven, the feeling is the same. With the beginning it sounds like what could be a decent song. Then it breaks into high vocals and angry strums at this point, sending me into laughter at what seems to be fair sincerity in the lyrics. The end I will even go far as to say sounds similar to a bad recording of a half decent Dave Mathews song. It tends to drag on, but it does hold a stand-out chorus that I couldn’t find in previous songs. By track eight, I think this guy should quit wasting his time and try something new where he might possibly have the chance to be good. He has a drive somewhere, but this just isn’t working.