Glitter Mini 9 – Break Up at the Rock Show

Glitter Mini 9
Break Up at the Rock Show

I’ve had this CD and have been meaning to review it for so long, but that certainly hasn’t hurt the music, unless, somehow, I’ve had this disc for five years, which doesn’t seem likely. But the music contained within reminds me of that being released circa 1996. It’s as if grunge was alive and well and Garbage would soon be the hottest band ever.
San Francisco’s Glitter Mini 9 play what is essentially grunge rock. Loud guitars, simple yet effective rhythm, and strong female vocals make up the basis to this band, and then it’s all about the lyrics, which don’t push but contain just enough attitude to keep up with the image.
“Cuckoo” starts things off with enough effects layered on to give the song a kind of electronic, Garbage-y effect. Loud and rocking, with plenty of female backing vocals, it could be an ode to Courtney Love, especially as they sing, “We’re all sluts, every single one of us.” “Yeah, I’ve got an ashtray for a heart” starts off “Are You Bad” to keep things consistent, but then “Ronnies Racing School” shows off a more playful, poppy side. From most bands, I would consider this the throw-away track, but here it’s one of my favorites, with enough loud guitar riffs to keep it rocking but nice female lead and backing vocals to keep it fun. “Records in My Head” and “Dreamstalker” are nice, pretty straight-forward guitar-oriented rock songs. The title track finishes off with another good track. Not content to just barrel forward with guitars and vocals, it has more texture
So while Glitter Mini 9 have a lot of energy and talent, they’re not doing anything new, and that really becomes a problem when what you are doing died out years ago. This doesn’t feel retro but rather re-hashed. I didn’t particularly like Hole the first time around. But as this is the band’s first full-length, they may be in the process of refining their sound, and hopefully they have the talent to go places.