Breaking Pangaea – Wedding Dress

Breaking Pangaea
Wedding Dress

I’ve been reading about this band on a news list I subscribe to. I suspect one of the frequent posters is in the band, but regardless, the odd name alone was enough to stick in my mind when I was searching for songs to listen to and review. I believe the band is from Ohio and is just releasing their new album, Cannon to a Whisper, which might be worth picking up on the basis of this rock track.

“Wedding Dress” is an all-out rocker, starting out with an almost Cheap Trick-esque drum beat and some ripping guitar riffs. When the vocals come in, the song gets a more modern rock feel. There are hints of metal riffs, but the vocals and stellar bass line keep the song right in a nice, rocking indie rock feel. There’s even a nice breakdown in the middle of the song. And at moments, the song really picks up, with driving guitars and vocals that are almost shouted. Nice, I’d like to hear them stay in this more up-tempo feel for the whole song.

Nothing especially new here, but a nice take on a relatively old formula. In fact, it sounds like the band was raised on a steady diet of Motley Crue and Black Sabbath before adopting their sound for an indie rock crowd. Still, that would put them comfortably at place at a metal show or indie rock show, and it’s a nice mixture of two sounds. Not bad at all.