Andy Has AIDS – Dead On the Inside

Andy Has AIDS
Dead On the Inside

This Berkeley-based band usually flies beneath the radar of even the most voracious underground-music hounds; the web presence of the band, their label, and the one previous publication that reviewed them being limited to a Spartan listing on

“Dead on the Inside” is the result of a collaboration between Andy Has Aids and Preston Manchild for his two-minute flash film “Visions.” The instrumental is infuriatingly simple, its lumbering yet insistent rhythms driven by a messy distorted synth and an old drum kit. Against this backdrop, a lone bird song twists out a haphazard yet consistent melody, issued by something that sounds like an electric piccolo. Soon a middle voice forms a lazy counterpoint, and after gleefully crushing you for a while longer, the music fades like a retreating sasquatch. Left with an uneasy feeling, you stick the memorable beast on repeat to ensure that you didn’t miss anything.

This makes a great appetizer for mix tapes, and it matches well with the inexplicable emergence of a beautiful yet devastating storm which devours the earth in Manchild’s animation.