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Mafia Dumptruck – Why You Wanna Kill My Dog?

Mafia DumptruckWhy You Wanna Kill My Dog?Formed in 1997, Mafia Dumptruck is probably the best or at least the most consistently creative group to record for Sloppy Abortion Records. While label-mates Weatherbee in '73 and Golly Gee Willy and the Cerebral Palsys often cross the line of what is tasteful, Mafia Dumptruck walk that line with a … [Read more...]

Andy Has AIDS – Dead On the Inside

Andy Has AIDSDead On the InsideThis Berkeley-based band usually flies beneath the radar of even the most voracious underground-music hounds; the web presence of the band, their label, and the one previous publication that reviewed them being limited to a Spartan listing on "Dead on the Inside" is the result of a collaboration between … [Read more...]

The Penningtones – Circle of Fifths

The PenningtonesCircle of FifthsSeattle's own, The Penningtones is a band that is not trying to impress. From the three simple photographs that adorn the packaging of their CD, Circle of Fifths, I got the impression that this group of musicians could care less about any sort of pretension. One of the photos, a black and white cover shot, looks down … [Read more...]

The Evoka Project – Stranger Than Fiction EP

The Evoka ProjectStranger Than Fiction EP Based out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, The Evoka Project was formed when drummer Bryan Ledbetter, founder of Hero Recording Co., and singer/guitarist Taylor joked about recording an EP as they made their way home from an MTV VJ contest. Since then, they were the grand prize winners in the Mars Music … [Read more...]

Just Plain Todd – Caterpillar Daydreams

Just Plain ToddCaterpillar DaydreamsJust Plain Todd's genesis seems to have come from some uncertain beginnings. According to the band's bio, "Just Plain Todd is the brainchild of Patrick Collette, a college dropout who has been playing guitar and writing music since high school." After listening to the band's Caterpillar Daydreams album, one can … [Read more...]

Keleton DMD – Body Double

Keleton DMDBody DoubleFrom the label that brought you the Small Brown Bike/Cursive split 7", the first of 12 releases in a subscription-based limited series featuring what can be put frankly as some of indie-rock's premiere bands, Makoto Recordings is hoping that Keleton DMD will soon be similarly recognized. The three piece of Dave Lukasik … [Read more...]

Skiptrace – S/T

SkiptraceS/TSometimes shuffling through the hundreds of CD's piled up in tubs in my bedroom, or even thousands at the record store, I can't decide what to hear. Skiptrace came into the masses, and being the designer/photographer snob that I am, the front cover art pissed me off so that I set it aside for days. It wasn't the worst I've seen, … [Read more...]

Tocotronic – K.O.O.K. / Freiburg v3.0

Tocotronic K.O.O.K. / Freiburg v3.0Funny story here. I was sent three Tocotronic discs (two of which are reviewed here) many months ago, and I immediately made the no. 1 grievous error of any music fan or critic: I judged an album by it's cover. And it's band name, album title, song titles, record label, etc. Surely, this was an album's worth of … [Read more...]

Laura Watling – Early Morning Walk

Laura Watling Early Morning WalkGotta admire Miss Watling. On this 16-track CD, she plays all the instruments but trumpet and still manages to make them sound like a full band. Recorded entirely to 8-track cassette, the multi-instrumentalist has written some typical Shelife fare, which means cute and clever pop songs in their truest … [Read more...]

Sunset Valley – Split 7"

Sunset ValleySplit 7" The two bands may share a similar love for a basic pop approach, but the two songs here couldn't be more different. John Vanderslice, formerly of MK Ultra fame and now known for his two solo albums, contributes a song that is stark and bare in its emotional approach, and Sunset Valley counter with an up-tempo pop number … [Read more...]