Rival Schools – Rival Schools United By Onelinedrawing EP

Rival Schools
Rival Schools United By Onelinedrawing EP

What we have here is a six-song EP, featuring four tracks from Rival Schools, led by Walter Schreifel, formerly of Quicksand, and two songs from Jonah Matranga of Onelinedrawing, formerly of Far, and currently of New End Original. This is the first commercial release for both bands, and it was recorded largely in the form of one expanded group, with all of the people involved playing and contributing to each other’s songs.
The four Rival Schools tracks are much mellower than any of Schreifel’s work with Quicksand, but they’re equally good. Everything from the quirky, largely instrumental opener, “Green Is Good,” to the truly excellent “Where I’m From” is well worth a listen, with “Always” sounding like something that would come out of a jam session between Guster and At The Drive-In, and their other track, “Take One For The Team,” being the heaviest of the four tracks.
Onelinedrawing’s contributions are a little less intriguing but still an excellent addition to the EP. “Be Real” has a slow, seductive, Afghan Whigs feel to it, while “Contraire” kicks things up a notch and closes out the EP with one more solid rocker.
Overall, an excellent first effort from both sides.