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Movies with Heroes – The Slate EP

Movies with HeroesThe Slate EPMovies with Heroes have enough hooks and melodies on The Slate to fill a full-length. This Lancaster, PA band has been around for a while, in a few different forms, but this is the first I've had the pleasure of hearing. And although five songs isn't enough, it's a great introduction to this very talented band. To … [Read more...]

Koufax – Worcester – Worcester Palladium, MA – 2001-08-23

KoufaxWhere: Worcester - Worcester Palladium, MA.When: 2001-08-23"Have fun at the show. There aren't going to be many people there," was what the creepy guy taking money at the gate of the parking garage said to me as I stuck my parking ticket on the dashboard of my car and headed around the corner and towards the front doors of the … [Read more...]

Dive – Who’s To Say?

DiveWho’s To Say?My hometown boys have done good ... real good. Dive is a straight-up rock band from Columbus, Ohio. Granted they have some other genres mixed into their sound, but who the hell cares when the music is this good? Citing influences such as Third Eye Blind, Our Lady Peace, Weezer, and the Matthew Good Band, Dive fits well into the … [Read more...]

Guy Incognito – Deadweight

Guy IncognitoDeadweightHailing from Long Island, NY the members of Guy Incognito (Colin, Dan, Jake, Jon, and Nelson) have written a nice addition to the pop/punk/emo/rock genre (what the band classifies themselves as according to their website). I know that sounds complex, but it really is the only way to explain the sound that has been captured in … [Read more...]

Various Artists – The Tigers Remixes

Various ArtistsThe Tigers RemixesI've had this CD spinning in my stereo and in my head for the last four weeks, and I’m still baffled. It’s beautiful, it’s deranged, it’s disarmingly distant at times, and at others claustrophobic. Above all, it’s the mark of a band that refuse to be defined by generic constraints, a group committed to the lost art … [Read more...]

Rival Schools – Rival Schools United By Onelinedrawing EP

Rival SchoolsRival Schools United By Onelinedrawing EPWhat we have here is a six-song EP, featuring four tracks from Rival Schools, led by Walter Schreifel, formerly of Quicksand, and two songs from Jonah Matranga of Onelinedrawing, formerly of Far, and currently of New End Original. This is the first commercial release for both bands, and it was … [Read more...]

Hero of a Hundred Fights – The Remote, the Cold EP

Hero of a Hundred FightsThe Remote, the Cold EP "Apparently We Didn't Give You Enough Rope" kicks off this blistering EP with music and vocals slightly reminiscent of At The Drive-In, but as the disc moves along, Hero Of A Hundred Fights shows a much darker, hardcore-influenced sound. If you enjoy music that, when it ends, leaves you sweaty and … [Read more...]

The Superheroes – Igloo

The SuperheroesIglooLet's examine a few facts about the Superheroes, shall we? First you have the cover art, with the decidedly 80's looking woman cozying up to an igloo (not ironically, the name of the album is Igloo), coupled with the annoying, promotional band name, usually better suited to early 80's ska acts. Then, here's the kicker - the … [Read more...]

The Sheryl Cro(w) Mags – #1 Hit 7"

The Sheryl Cro(w) Mags#1 Hit 7"At first the name caught me off guard when I opened up this record, being a fan of the Crow Mags, and not to keen on Ms. Crow after the rumor surfaced of her dating Kid Rock. Then I saw "Chris Wollard" printed in the line up and I couldn't wait to put it in. This band not only features Gainesville, Florida's … [Read more...]

Sky Corvair – Unsafe at Any Speed

Sky CorvairUnsafe at Any SpeedFor a while the holy grail of post-hardcore and emo rock, Unsafe at Any Speed was released in 1998 on Actionboy Records and in limited quantities. Now considered something of an indie rock supergroup, Sky Corvair was then mostly just a side project for Tim Kinsella of CaP'n Jazz, Bob Nanna of Braid, Kevin Frank and … [Read more...]