Malefaction – Crush the Dream

Crush the Dream

Damn, this stuff is BRUTAL with a capital BRUTAL.
With 23 songs crammed into 25 furious minutes, Malefaction’s Crush the Dream is a lot like getting electrocuted – the whole experience is short, but it leaves a pretty lasting impression, even after only one listen. The basic idea here is that Malefaction is royally pissed off at the various components of the governmental and religious worlds, and they vent their opinions with psycho-grind metal guitars and gut-wrenching vocals.
The pace is relentless – Tracks like “People Before Profit,” “Hunger/Exhaustion,” and “Dead World Harvest” blend together like a row of bludgeoned bodies after a train wreck. There are a few slight respites from the album’s breakneck pace, however, the first of which comes with the opening 45 seconds of “Ensure Bloodlust Prospers.” Slow isn’t exactly the word to describe “The Great Annihilator,” but the brooding (and almost anthemic) guitars on this song actually stand out as some of the more powerful work on the album. “Topic of the Day” winds the album down with a more controlled rhythm, though the drummers double-bass work still manages to rock. That’s not to say that the faster stuff doesn’t work, as Malefaction does pull out some cool licks in “Drowning in Public Approval.”
Lyrically, the band’s assault is as searing as its guitar sound. “No Positive Impact” rips on corporation owners, charging that “The homeless go unnoticed while your wallet is bloated / Give yourself a raise while commanding layoffs.” The Malefaction’s strongest statement comes during the minute-long thrash of “Kill Over Faith,” when the band grunts that “Religion and nationalism are such a crock of shit / It’s too bad you suckers keep falling for it.” Ouch, man. With lines like “Belligerent, thoughtless, ignorant, unwanted / You are such a selfish asshole…Male gendered violence / Macho poseur bullshit,” “Dance Floor Politics” sounds like it was written about a lot of guys this reviewer went to high school with. Even more anger is professed through song titles like “Fuck the League for Life” and “People Before Profit.”
Overall, Crush the Dream isn’t all that bad of a release for the grindcore genre. Many of the tracks sound similar, creating a real ‘drone’ effect over the course of the disc. When it comes to grindcore, a little goes a long way, and at least Malefaction was smart enough to make the disc short and to the point. The lyrics are pretty hard to decipher without having the liner notes handy, but the band still gets credit for creating an intelligent musical medium. Really loud political and social activism rules, folks. Recommended for the genre.