High Lo Fi – Three Sided Single

High Lo Fi
Three Sided Single

High Lo Fi is no longer High Lo Fi. High Lo Fi is now Taylored. Apparently, High Lo Fi was too complex a name for the teenage pop-punk crowds these days. Kind of like a poppier and less thoughtful version of Sugar, High Lo Fi (as I will continue to call them, because that is the name on this particular EP) lack any real depth, but they certainly know how to write catchy, feel-good pop tunes.
Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, and having only been together since January of last year, the band has already gained a great deal of attention, not much of which will gain them the adoration of fans over the age of 16. They were named one of the “Ten Bands To Watch” in the June 2001 Teen People’s Summer Music Special. “One Times One” was licensed to MTV for use in the new show, “Undergrads,” and “Adrenal Eyes” will be heard in the upcoming movie, “Wishmaster 3,” and has also been licensed for use in the Disney series “In A Heartbeat.” In addition to all of this acclaim, the band has also been commissioned to write a theme song for a Sony television series “Game Attics,” as well as music for a film or two.
This three-song EP of glossy pop-punk starts off with “One Times One,” the quickest-paced song here, certain to appeal to any fan of Blink 182, American Hi-Fi, Sum 41, Lit, and MTV’s idea of punk rock. The other two songs, “Adrenal Eyes” and “Let Go!” slow things down a bit, showcasing fuzzed-out guitars, sing-along harmonies, tap-along beats, and a touch of new wave influence. Overall, the guitar work of Mike Scope is probably the highlight and the most semi-original thing here.
The band’s first full-length is currently under production, and judging from this dull and mindless, yet inoffensive and catchy debut, their future work has the potential to be huge. Don’t be surprised if your little sister has a poster of these guys on her wall within the next year. With a new name and a sound that is bound to appeal to today’s mainstream pop-punk kids, you should expect to hear more from these guys in the future, whether you like it or not.