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Rocky Votolato – A Brief History EP

Rocky VotolatoA Brief History EPYou might not recognize the name Rocky Votolato, probably the least likely sounding name for a rock musician of this vein, but you might recognize his voice. Votolato has been playing guitar and singing in the band Waxwing for five years. But while Waxwing has always been his outlet for the louder, more dark and … [Read more...]

Shiner – Starless

ShinerStarlessI bought Shiner on the suggestion of many people who ranted and raved about how good this album was. But from the very first riffs of the very first song, I began to cringe. This sounds so mainstream, so typical, so usual that I almost didn't even get through the first listen. Powerful guitar riffs, powerful vocals, powerful rhythm. … [Read more...]

Kill Your Idols – Funeral for a Feeling

Kill Your IdolsFuneral for a Feeling The following excerpt was taken from the band's website with the numerous grammatical errors fixed, of course. Apparently, the web-designer believes that the plural form of the word "tattoo" is "tattoo's." Maybe he's just being hardcore. ****Attention people with Kill Your Idols tattoos!**** We will be doing … [Read more...]

High Lo Fi – Three Sided Single

High Lo FiThree Sided Single High Lo Fi is no longer High Lo Fi. High Lo Fi is now Taylored. Apparently, High Lo Fi was too complex a name for the teenage pop-punk crowds these days. Kind of like a poppier and less thoughtful version of Sugar, High Lo Fi (as I will continue to call them, because that is the name on this particular EP) lack any real … [Read more...]

Paper Airplane Pilots – Welcome to the Drunk Tank EP

Paper Airplane PilotsWelcome to the Drunk Tank EPIf you're as unimpressed as I am with the "clever" pun contained in the name of this EP, you'd probably be wise to set the expectation bar rather low for this Chicago quartet. After all, no band who would give their debut EP such a self-consciously, intentionally "smart" name could possibly have any … [Read more...]

My Hotel Year – The Composition of Ending & Phrasing

My Hotel YearThe Composition of Ending & PhrasingDidn't this label recently release a Motley Crue video and a new Go Go's compilation? With that to live up to, My Hotel Year is not having much trouble with this formerly self-released LP. These guys look to be from little Winter Park, Fla. and to have quite a busy live schedule. Not to mention a … [Read more...]

Secadora – Little Pieces of Paper

SecadoraLittle Pieces of PaperSecadora is a three-piece from San Francisco whose music on their debut full-length seems to embrace a kind of minimalistic aesthetic. Listening to this album at low volume will leave you scratching your head over periods of silence, as the music occasionally is so quiet that you'll check to make sure it's still going. … [Read more...]

Motion Picture – A Paper Gift

Motion PictureA Paper GiftI get the sense from A Paper Gift that much of the references here are lost on me. It's obvious that Eric Ostermeier, the creative force behind Motion Picture, is a smart or at least culturally savvy man. On this release, he continues his links between film and music started on the band's previous two albums. So if you … [Read more...]

The Roots of Orchis – S/T EP

The Roots of OrchisS/T EPMost of the members of The Roots of Orchis aren't even old enough to drink yet, and the band has been playing together since 1997. Think how good they're going to be in their late 20's! This San Diego band already has two full-lengths behind them and a number of compilation appearances. They branch out with their unique … [Read more...]

Souvenir – S/T EP

SouvenirS/T EP In an attempt to bring you the best indie music from around the world, again we touch on the great land of France, better known for its rich food and luscious kisses. Souvenir perfectly fit the bill for a Shelflife band, despite all the vocals and all the words in this packaging being in French. That means they're delightful pop, … [Read more...]