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Spike Priggen – The Very Thing that You Treasure

Spike PriggenThe Very Thing that You TreasureThe very thing that you treasure is wrapped neatly and nice. Wrapped and unwrapped. Took down and put up." These words, uttered by radio preacher Prophet Omega in a bizarre hidden track, provide Spike Priggen's album with its title, along with a nudge and a wink into the reasoning behind why this album … [Read more...]

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs – La Marcha Del Golazo Solitario

Los Fabulosos CadillacsLa Marcha Del Golazo Solitario While U2 might be campaigning worldwide for the status of the "best rock band in the world," the Argentine "orchestra" Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, probably best known in the US as the authors of "Matador" on the Gross Pointe Blank Soundtrack, have certainly made their case to be known as the … [Read more...]

Eska – Invent the Fortune

EskaInvent the Fortune Up until now, Eska has been most famous for the fact that their old drummer, Stuart Braithwaite, left the band in order to start Mogwai. Invent the Fortune should change that though. The catchy opening burst of "Goodbye To Victories," which also happens to be the best track on the album, sucks you in immediately with a … [Read more...]

Velvet – Where Are the People?

VelvetWhere Are the People?No doubt, with the current state of mainstream rock brimming with rap-rock redundancy and toothless teen pop, now is a particularly attractive time to listen to independent music. And while the folks that fill out the Velvet lineup are certainly musicians in an independent band, they are just as assuredly not typical to … [Read more...]

Tindersticks – Can Our Love…

TindersticksCan Our Love... Ten years into their career, England's Tindersticks are on a new label, their first since leaving Universal/Island. Leaving a major label and going into your second decade as a band should necessitate some re-thinking and maybe a new course. The band took a few years (their last album was released in 1999 in the UK only) … [Read more...]

Firewater – Psychopharmacology

FirewaterPsychopharmacologyFirewater, the most relentlessly rock-n-roll band on Jetset's current roster (in my opinion) have crafted an album that transcends genres, almost painfully so. For Firewater, which features Tod A from the band Cop Shoot Cop, plays songs that are definitely poppy, playfully depressing, and that blur straight ahead … [Read more...]

The Swords Project – S/T EP

The Swords ProjectS/T EP Wow. Initially, I was thrown off by the pink-laced unicorn-laden packaging for this one, but man oh man is this good. The Swords Project sounds a lot like a cross between Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Sigur Ros' Ágætis Byrjun disc. The music is very ethereal - dreamy, swirling soundscapes are the song pattern … [Read more...]

Ex-Models – Other Mathematics

Ex-ModelsOther Mathematics On the Ace Fu Records web site, there is a black-and-white photo collage of the Ex-Models with the words "This is not a rock band" superimposed over it. Regardless of classifications or intents, Other Mathematics does indeed rock in a major way. The Ex-Models are certainly the current poster children for brevity, … [Read more...]

Everybody Uh Oh – The Night the Grass will Catch

Everybody Uh OhThe Night the Grass will CatchEverybody Uh Oh is an indie rock band from Champaign, IL. We got an e-mail from them asking us to review the song. I give everyone a chance, so I downloaded the song to get the full effect, because streaming (for all you comp nerds like me) takes away the fun. So right now I have it playing as a type. … [Read more...]

The Starting Line – With Hopes of Starting Over EP

The Starting LineWith Hopes of Starting Over EPAnd the reign of pop-punk continues. Sounding a great deal like labelmates New Found Glory, The Starting Line is the latest addition to this either exciting or nauseating trend, depending on how you look at it. Led by Ken, their 16-year-old singer who took extra classes all year so he could graduate … [Read more...]