G.T. Arpe – Drum and Drum

G.T. Arpe
Drum and Drum

I have a new frisbee. My new frisbee comes in a clear, shiny jewel CD case and has “G.T. Arpe, Drum & Drum” written on it.
This is the type of music you might expect an escaped mental patient to be performing on a street corner somewhere in the hopes of having spare change tossed into his cup. The 10 tracks on this self-written and self-produced CD-R come equipped with catchy/idiotic titles like “Romance Isn’t Romantic,” “Me Brain Broke,” “Picasso Was No Asshole,” and “Don’t Be Coming to My Funeral (When We Can Get Together Now).” Even the album artwork shows hints of utter insanity, with lo-fi stick figures and pictures cut and pasted from magazines. Musically, you are faced with a voice, some assorted keyboard and guitar effects, and tons of homemade percussion, ranging from the jangling of car keys to the banging of garbage cans.
Some songs are mildly amusing, such as “I Am a Skunk,” which begins with the classic line, “I am a skunk / My roommates say I smell / I would get more offended / But I don’t cause its true.” You can’t help but have a tiny bit of respect for anyone brave enough to write and perform this stuff, but on the other hand, it is just too stupid to be respectable. Some may say that something so bizarre must be hiding a sort of genius underneath, but this one-man project is overly simplified and overly stupid. I felt dumber after listening to it.