Acceptance – I Believe

I Believe

Acceptance is from Seattle, Wash., and they have some major competition in the industry in Seattle, so they had to come up with some really catchy rock songs. “I Believe” is a kick ass catchy song that everyone should download. A total radio hit! It is a short song so the file size is fairly small. The guitars and backup vocals peak a little in the recording, but the mix sounds great. Two-part vocal harmonies, and three guitar tracks. The riff is definitely catchy, and the lyrics are pretty sweet. The end has a piano come in to play the melody, and that adds some sweetness to it. I recommend this to everyone who likes Jimmy Eat World, The Gloria Record, and The Get Up Kids.

Acceptance was founded in the summer of 1998. It began as an idea between four guys from two different bands, with the desire to try something new. As you can see and hear, it totally worked. If you went into a record store that carried their album, it would most likely be found under the rock section. To get more detailed – emo. Many people hate that term for describing as I do myself, but to please the many people who care about genres, this would be emo.

“At first, listening to Acceptance suggests a driving rock influence, but with subtle hints of so much more.” I guess I couldn’t describe their music any better than they did. Now listen, because this is some gooooooood shiznit!