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Mint – American Style

MintAmerican Style The cover of Mint's second album, American Style, is generic. It obviously resembles an American flag, with the stars lining the inside of the printed "Mint." Sorry, Mint, but you are missing six stars. That's not very respectful to the country that lent itself to your album's title. But I forgive you, for that doesn't mean the … [Read more...]

G.T. Arpe – Drum and Drum

G.T. ArpeDrum and DrumI have a new frisbee. My new frisbee comes in a clear, shiny jewel CD case and has "G.T. Arpe, Drum & Drum" written on it. This is the type of music you might expect an escaped mental patient to be performing on a street corner somewhere in the hopes of having spare change tossed into his cup. The 10 tracks on this … [Read more...]

Robert Kunin – She Went Up to Heaven

Robert KuninShe Went Up to Heaven You know, there really is nothing less funny than a comedian. Not that I'm a connoisseur of comedy, but I can't remember the last time I saw a remotely humorous standup comedian. I mean, have you ever actually listened to Jay Leno's monologue? The average person on the street could come up with stuff funnier than … [Read more...]

Jetenderpaul – Presents the Modal Lines

JetenderpaulPresents the Modal Lines It's become quite clear now that the creative rivalry between the Beach Boys and the Beatles in the late 60's produced more than two great records (Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, respectively). It has inspired more than its fair share of unimaginative hack songwriters who continually … [Read more...]

Pinehurst Kids – Bleed it Dry

Pinehurst KidsBleed it DryI don't think I have anything to say about The Pinehurst Kids that I haven't already said. They're a rock band, not an emo band, despite the "kids" part of their name. They're not really a pop band, despite bouncy, light moments. They're not going to get much mainstream air play because their sound isn't popular these days … [Read more...]

Lush – Best of Lush – Ciao!

LushBest of Lush - Ciao! I didn't know much of the history of Lush until reading about them for this compilation. You wouldn't think that a band with only four albums would deserve a best of compilation, but in Lush's case, it's probably warranted. I knew the band in their early years as a purveyor of textured, punk-infused British rock and was … [Read more...]

Kolya – S/T

KolyaS/T You can read a lot into the material record labels send out with their releases. Caulfield goes into a long discussion about how genres are irrelevant and let the music of Kolya speak for itself. Translation: they can't figure out how to describe it either. Somewhere between modern post-rock and math-rock and mid-90's emo lie Kolya's … [Read more...]

Biddy Biddy Biddy – Detroit – The Shelter, MI – 2001-07-27

Biddy Biddy BiddyWhere: Detroit - The Shelter, MI.When: 2001-07-27I love the Shelter. Thursday night's show was just another in an on-going series of $6 extravaganzas, with four pretty distinct rock sounds represented on the bill. Again, my dad accompanied me to the show for two reasons: 1) he's down with the local rock scene, which is cool as all … [Read more...]

Last Man Standing NJ – Too Fast to Live, too Young to Die

Last Man Standing NJToo Fast to Live, too Young to DieNew Jersey, the garden state, with too many kids growing up to be vandals and anarchists. It makes me sick. These Chester, N.J. punk rockers have just put out a demo which is more hardcore-punk than punk. The music itself is very punk rock, but the vocals have a slight cringe in them to give it … [Read more...]

Runaway Orange – Say the Word

Runaway OrangeSay the WordComing from New Jersey myself, I've heard good things and bad things about this Sewaren, NJ indie band. They play many punk shows in Jersey, which rocks for any band. Being a four-piece, it's a lot easier and a lot more exciting to write catchy songs and play them live and then listen to them when they're recorded. You can … [Read more...]