The Scooters – Peepshow

The Scooters

I dare you to listen to this entire album and not smile at least once. At a time when so much music is filled with boring and predictable angst, it is refreshing to here a tight, catchy album that is guaranteed to put you in a better mood than you were in when you began listening.
The Scooters were formed four years ago and have since built a reputation throughout the UK as a must-see live act. Peepshow is the band’s first release, and these eight tracks, bound to lodge themselves in your head and keep you bouncing around all day, show a great deal of potential for a band that will be making several appearances in the United States this summer.
The Scooters have a knack for energetic pop, but they know enough not to lay it on too thickly. Two head-bobbing numbers, “Peepshow” and “Dwti,” kick things off with a heavy dose of sickly sweet melody. Then the five-piece takes a step back with the beautiful “RPM Adrenalin,” a slower, more rocking number. From there, the sheer pop is blended with a sense of power, and even a country/folk twang here and there, to create five additional tasty morsels.
Sounding at times like a scruffy, modern-day version of the Beatles, The Scooters pay homage to that influence with their own version of “Rocky Raccoon” as one of two bonus live tracks, the other being that beautiful song I have heard Eddie Vedder sing from time to time (but am unsure of who originally performed it), “Throw Your Arms Around Me.”
This is the perfect album to listen to in your car on the way home from a terrible day at work, because you are guaranteed to feel better within the span of a song or two. It is not difficult to see why these guys would be fun to see live, and after only one listen, Peepshow will keep you humming all day long.