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Hot Rod Circuit – Split EP

Hot Rod CircuitSplit EPTwo bands playing two very different styles of music, with each band doing one cover tune and one of their own, equals, in this particular case, 12 uneventful minutes. If it weren't for the interesting artwork of Scott Altman and the fact that the CD itself is clear, I would have been even more disappointed. This Year's … [Read more...]

Fall Silent – Six Years in the Desert

Fall SilentSix Years in the DesertMy roommate thought I had gone crazy when he heard me listening to this. "Why does it all sound the same, and why are they just screaming?" he asked. At first I kind of agreed, but then again, he listens to Collective Soul. Dubbed "the bastard grandsons of Black Flag and Black Sabbath," the six members of Fall … [Read more...]

Santa Sprees – Keep Still

Santa SpreesKeep StillA band formed, according to legend, after the revelatory purchase of a cheap keyboard and the formation of the basic tunes that primary members Anthony Dolphin and Katherine Marshall managed to pick out and set to tape, Santa Sprees have emerged as one of England’s most prolifically recording quirk-pop units. As the story gets … [Read more...]

Adam Lippman – Reaching

Adam LippmanReachingToday must be the day to review singer/songwriter projects. Adam Lippman e-mailed in requesting his song be reviewed, as it's part of a four-song demo recorded to proceed his first album, which he said is going to be on an indie label he'd rather not name. But Lippman is a veteran of the Connecticut rock scene, after being in a … [Read more...]

The Destruction of Nature by Technology – Waste of a Day

The Destruction of Nature by TechnologyWaste of a DayIn his description on his site, Mike Govenettio, aka The Destruction of Nature by Technology, says "chances are you'll hate this." That's giving his project a bum rap, I think, for "Waste of a Day" is quite a good song. For a musician whose project name is longer than his actual name, his … [Read more...]

d.A. Sebasstian – S/T

d.A. SebasstianS/TSebasstian's previous work with the industrial-rock outfit Kill Switch…Klick perhaps didn't give him the space to experiment with his own musical interests. It's tough to be pigeonholed, after all. And so this is Sebasstian's latest solo effort, a part of this intriguing artist's catalog that fills a page (with very small … [Read more...]

Wow & Flutter – Better Today Then

Wow & FlutterBetter Today ThenSome bands seem not as much to create music as to create audible moods. Wow & Flutter, perhaps better than any band I can think of, craft musical landscapes with such depth that you're often lost in these lengthy, ominous songs. While not often loud or powerful, the songs have a way of overpowering you with their … [Read more...]

Highdivers – S/T EP

HighdiversS/T EP Highdivers is the latest project of John O'Brien, formerly of the melodramatic popsters Tuesday Weld. Although a shifting group of friends come in to provide a host of instruments on this release, this O'Brien's project, and he sets the tone with his unique songwriting and slick vocals that seem to change to match the style of … [Read more...]

The White Stripes – White Blood Cells

The White StripesWhite Blood Cells WOW. I'm not gonna waste time on petty details. This is the best CD I've heard in 2001. Period. If you are a fan of indie rock in any form, pick this disc up and play it until your ears bleed. The White Stripes are hard to categorize, simply because they mesh genres so easily. Brother/sister combo Jack and Meg … [Read more...]

Jeff London – Col. Summers Park

Jeff LondonCol. Summers ParkJeff London. Forgive me, but I have some negative associations with that name. You see, my 10th and 11th grade math teacher was a man named Jeff London. As I was horrible in the study of mathematics, Mr. London presided over some of my darkest academic moments. Being my baseball coach for two years, he also engineered … [Read more...]