Hot Rod Circuit – Split EP

Hot Rod Circuit
Split EP

Two bands playing two very different styles of music, with each band doing one cover tune and one of their own, equals, in this particular case, 12 uneventful minutes. If it weren’t for the interesting artwork of Scott Altman and the fact that the CD itself is clear, I would have been even more disappointed.
This Year’s Model performs “Visible Distance,” a song originally done by Universal Order of Armageddon, and their own “God’s Gift To Old Tricks.” For the most part, they come off sounding like a poorly recorded garage metal band. It is tolerable, but doesn’t make you want to delve any deeper into the band’s catalog.
Then comes Hot Rod Circuit, who perform their version of Fudge’s “Patty Hearst Machine Gun” and an alternate version of “What’s Left Standing,” which originally appeared on last year’s full-length, If It’s Cool With You, It’s Cool With Me. The former is the best of the four songs on the EP, and the latter, not really much different than the original version, doesn’t stand out as anything special.
This EP really isn’t for anyone other than avid fans of either band. If you buy it as an introduction to either group, you may not want to hear much more from either one of them. How the two of them hooked up, I have no idea. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again.